Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Amelia's Sight

So Amelia has gotten away from saying shocking and bizarre kinda makes me sad.  Not that her thoughts don't literally roll through her head and fall out of her mouth.  I know exactly every fear and every thought that she has, because it ALWAYS gets told.

But I still discovered two things this week...She SEES "past her nose".

She is very aware of how much she has.  When she asked to make a Christmas list, it included zero presents, it was all activities that she wanted to do over the holidays with her family.  She has asked for exactly 3 things for Christmas.  She wants a new doll, a Barbie, and a recorder.  And she has offered about 15 things out of her room that she doesn't play with "enough" and that I am to find someone who "needs" them for Christmas.  She has even offered dear things to her heart when she hears of those who don't have anything.  I am thankful and just a little proud of that.  I am touched by her generous spirit.

Also, she had a project for school this week that she was supposed to do for a "Shape Museum".  They could make, draw, or take pictures of things in their life, home, etc.  I assumed that she would want to do some kind of project.  I even saved up boxes and toilet paper rolls in that assumption.  She chose, rather, to take photographs.  I gave her my camera and told her she could take as many as she wanted and we would decide which ones to include.  She took over 100 pictures in our house of shapes.  And they were amazing.  The perspectives were unique.  Not just the sight line of a 6 year old, but a real eye to what to include.  And what shapes she saw where was striking.  She may not have an artist's hand for drawing, but she certainly does have an artist's eye for photographs.  Which makes me think that I should see if I can find a cheap digital camera somewhere...or even just our old one...I would love to encourage this strength.  Because she finds so much joy, it could provide for her future as a job, and because I always get so caught up in the moment that I forget to take photos!  I know that I would love more concrete memories!  We ended up chosing about 50 photos and making a book...and regardless of her grade, I am thankful that she had this opportunity to discover more about this amazing girl that lives with me! 

Lest you think that we never get any good Amelia-isms: 

Amelia, in the bath: "Would we explode if we didn't have a bottom?"

Me: "What do you mean?"

A: "You know. Like if you couldn't poot. Or poop. Or pee. If all that couldn't get out of your body. You'd explode!!"

My little scientist.


  1. Amelia has such a tender heart and is a "little woman", much like her dad's kindergarten para-pro was always looking down his throat and declaring, "There's a little ole' man down there. I just know it.!" I call her our "Amazing Amelia", because she truly does have extraordinary insight for someone her age. You have every right to be proud of her! Also, I'm in total agreement regarding the grade issue. Sometimes, the lessons learned and the character/integrity that comes from a project that the student truly owns, is so much more important than the grade! Once in a while, you actually get teachers who recognize that, too!
    Love to my girl! (Thanks for sharing!)

  2. That is so sweet!! I'm thinking that she needs a camera for Christmas! :-)