Monday, July 23, 2012

The Journey of the Orange Shoes

I am answering one of my best friends' post today.  I have been laughingly following along her Journey of the Orange Shoes...and realized that I have an oddly concurrent path...

A few weeks ago, she went shopping and was infatuated with a pair of orange shoes.  She posted them on Facebook but declined to buy them.  Then about a week ago, she bought them.  THEN, in the last few days, they have made a star showing on her blog, HERE and HERE.  While she loves them, she's having a hard time reconciling them with herself and is having a surprisingly hard time wearing them out...

I used to have some orange shoes.  They were REALLY ORANGE.  I had them dyed that color on purpose to wear with my prom dress.  Which was a fringed, beaded number in black.  Black was not a happy enough color, so I had to do something to OWN it, and it was a color in a swag of fabric that I made into a stole wrap.

My favorite outfit in high school was fluorescent lime green pants, a white turtle-neck, and a fluorescent and periwinkle sleeveless hoodie.  One of my best friends found a picture of me in it and sent me a copy with a smiley face sticky note stuck to it.

Instead of the traditional navy suit that all the professors at school assured us was THE INTERVIEW SUIT, I wore a sage suit in an unconventional cut.  I am fairly sure that I got 5 job offers in a week, because I was comfortable in it...and I was myself.    I firmly believe that I would not have done well in a navy suit, because I would have felt stifled.

I love color on a very primitive level.  It literally makes me happy to look at it.  I wear colors because they look like I want to feel.  I enjoy rather violent combinations.  Lime green and brick apple red.  Flame orange and golden yellow.  Cobalt and rust. 

Over the years, I have worn these colors.  I didn't really care if anyone else liked them or not.  Funny thing was that I learned that people handle you differently when you wear head-to-toe lime than if you wear lime shoes with a smart black dress...they handle you they handle crazy people.

I wore what are now affectionately called "Uglies" to work when I taught swim lessons and worked as a life-guard.  I loved them.

But now they are called Uglies.  Really??

I wear technical running shirts know, the kind that are for "high visibility in the dark".

But I am trying to limit myself to one outlandish color at a that people can make eye-contact with me...instead of trying to avoid eye contact and not threaten the wild animal...

So.  If you have to be the kind of person that would wear orange shoes, sometimes it is just as difficult to reign in the color impulse, too...sometimes you have to be the kind of person to wear brown...

Maybe we all should wear dazzling shoes with staid practice understanding the other gal...

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