Monday, May 14, 2012

Another Goal, Checked Off - Rat 5-14-2012

Remember my goals?

You can mark off #4.

After having not trained for about 4 weeks due to illness, it was less a test of training and more a test of determination.  But you can mark off a half marathon.

First 1/2 Marathon
Ave pace 12:13
Not dang bad.
Lost 2-3 minutes stretching a cramp out...but NO walking.  None.

My running group/Bible study (that I inadvertantly started at church) wanted to run a half marathon to celebrate our accomplishment.  We couldn't find one nearby on a date we could all make so we set up a page on Facebook and did a Make-Your-Own-Half.  We went down to the local exercise path and ball-parked the map for our needs, and then just ran.  It was awesome.  And we ate at Cracker Barrel after, to celebrate.  Yum!


I'm taking the summer quasi-off.  I plan to run about 4-5 miles once a week, and then bike or do a Beachbody workout video, or I don't get burned out or lose what I've fought so hard to gain. 

I've signed up for The Battlefield 1/2, too.  And I really can't wait!!!!!

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