Sunday, February 5, 2012

Valentines to the Man-Child

Because I wander around in my Bible and verse search app during the sermon, sometimes...shhhhh....I was broad-sided with a cool idea today...and as I am not the only one with a child in this age bracket, so I thought I'd share...

My project of Valentine's Day for the Man-Child this whole month:

Proverbs is such an intimate book. A concrete, every day use book...a love letter to a child on the brink of adulthood...and so I'm addressing it to my boy.

This month, I am hand-writing Proverbs, chapter by chapter, to him. I have decided on The Message, because it it is so conversational, like a true letter...

I've also decided to stick it to his mirror, in an envelope...If I trusted the post service, and had thought of this earlier, I might have sent it in the mail...but, you to work with where you start sometimes...maybe next year.  :)

Let me know if you decide to Biblically call out on the streets to your man-child or woman-child....

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