Monday, February 27, 2012

Rat 2-27-12 and Ruminations

So I dreamed last night that my brother and his wife had their baby.  It was a 9 pound baby boy, named Ed.  I'm hoping that I'm wrong, and that she is not subjected to having a 9 pound baby as she is planning on doing it naturally, at home...but I do hope that she has a boy.  I know that neither my brother nor his wife are comfortable having a boy...but I didn't want girls, either.  And I have never been so thankful that my plans were totally tweaked.  It is a completely amazing to be stretched and be given a new perspective.  So, Ed, Edmund, or Kipling...or whatever, I am still hoping for a boy...for them and me...  :)

We went on vacation to Disney and Universal Studios.  And despite walking parks for 6-12 hour stretches, I still managed to run 5 miles on the treadmill Sunday and 4.5 on the elliptical Tuesday...  I had found myself regretting selling my treadmill until halfway through my first run...and suddenly, all my regrets were gone.  I felt trapped like a hamster on a, angry, and miserable.  And last night I ran 7 miles in my neighborhood and I felt amazing.  I felt free and whole.  And so I do believe I am a runner...officially.  I run for the pleasure of the run...not just for the exercise...

My next post is on the vacation itself...and all the things that I learned...the good, the bad, the ugly...

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  1. hahaha. Well, I can assure you if we have a boy, we wont be naming him Ed or Edmond or Kipling.