Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Charlotte's Musical Moment: Classical Gas

I know that I may over do my joy in Charlotte's musical taste, but for someone so little, she has such sophisticated taste in music!  Recently, I've been noticing that she also has perfect pitch.  A first in my household of Littles, although Elise certainly has a good ear.

Today's musical moment came because I went on a bit on an iTunes bender and bought myself 3 new songs for running.  All were ones from my own childhood, which makes Charlotte's reaction even more precious to me.

Classical Gas came on and Charlotte literally sat up straight in her carseat and yelps, "Is this MY song???"  I said, "Sure, Baby!  If you like it, it can be yours."

And she sat back and hummed corresponding notes that harmonized nicely with the piece.  Grinning very broadly.

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