Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Rat 1-25-12

I am still running...and on track to pull off a scheduled 10K in March...and on my way to a 1/2 marathon...I have one that is fairly local and low-key that I am stalking.  A friend Knows-a-Guy, that knows there is a 1/2 in Dawsonville...I am sure to become a pest...  I have signed up for two more 5Ks and I will sign up for the 10K next week...Now I just need to stay healthy, right?  YAY!

I also found a sprint distance triathlon between me and my folks (baby-sitters?) that "may" not have thought to ban ipods...and I am trying to decide if I should call and ask, or just sign up for it and stick my shuffle in the back of my bike and smuggle it out for the's cheap and close...which is also a selling point.

I am slowly, but surely wrestling off a little more weight...especially as I have added some more activities to my week...weights and biking on top of the lost since this time last year?  27lbs. just 2 more and I will have fought back to post Gabriel/pre Elise weight, which I consider my ideal "fighting weight".

Interestingly, last year's goal of sleeping more has fallen into place, out of necessity...because my body is tired...and I simply cannot stay awake...even to watch some of my favorite shows...

I am also managing to back off my internet usage, which is something I am proud of.

I am reading running books and magazines.  I am reading books with the pure intent to watch a movie with friends.  I am reading with my girls and enjoying that they like stories that interest my mind...even as I memorizing "Mimi" which is Charlotte's beloved.

Amelia requested to read "Nah-nia" this week.  Read or listen to audio dramatization of The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe???  Twist my little arm!!!!  :)

Charlotte's Muscial Moment: The Band Perry

I cannot lie, I love my girl crooning in her carseat.  LOVE it.  This was the most recent song that I heard her belting out...The Band Perry:  All Your Life.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

MPT - Your REAL Happy Birthday Call

It was my brother's birthday yesterday.  I called him in the 5 minutes I had where I didn't have a sick child laying on resulted in me hiding in my pantry holding the door shut while my sick children howled outside of it...It was a stinker of a phone this is my real phone call:

Happy Birthday, Michael Paulis!  I am thankful that you were my very best friend for my entire childhood...until I was 15, you were my very dearest friend and my competitor, my boxing opponent and my partner in crime, thank you for all of my very dearest memories...And since then I like and respect you...and enjoy any of the time we get to snatch together!!

Thank you for the hours spent playing with our Sears Outlet Stars Wars figures...

And their occasional girlfriends, the Glamour Gals...

Thank you for playing house with families of gummy fishing lure worms that I compiled...even though they ate the finish off of everything we played with them on...

Thank you for eating Sour Cream and Onion chips and pink hot dogs with me on the San Juan while we played with the aforementioned rubber worm families...

And the Wheaties balls we were SUPPOSED to be fishing with...

Thank you for the hours spent in the damp and cool basement playing cowboys and indians while listening to Alan Parsons Project...

Thank you for being my friend.

Happy Birthday!!!  I love you!!

Monday, January 9, 2012

New Rats

Hmmm.  As I haven't put up my Goals for 2012, I suppose a week into the new year, I should get on that...right?  But as they are not "New Year's Resolutions" I'm still good.  Totally.

My new herd of rats?  It's a mixed bag this year.
1.  My cousin has proposed a memory verse challenge.  I'm in.  And pretty excited.
2.  I've signed up for another 5K.  I WILL NOT WALK.  Not a hair's breadth. 
3.  I'm planning on a 10K this spring.
4.  I'm planning on a 1/2 marathon before the end of the year.
5.  I'm hoping to ditch another 5-10 pounds.  It's not for health or looks this year (unlike last year!), this year it is about dragging around a few less pounds while running. 
6.  I want to make moments for friends.  After an impromptu friend date with my girl, Lynn, I discovered how much I miss them and need them.  And so, my goal is to run away with a friend once a month.  Even if it's just to lunch.
7.  I want to learn how to knit.  Just simple stuff.  I love to crochet.  I taught myself how to crochet.  I seriously make it up as I go.  I do okay for myself. 

But I'd love to learn something that I understand the properties enough that I can follow actual patterns.  I read several novels based on knitting, and was enchanted.  And so....I'm in love, with the wool, the colors, the smell, and the tradition of it.  Like tea, for the hands.
8.  I WILL learn how to utilize my new pressure cooker (Christmas and Birthday from my aunt!) and my new dehydrater (my brother and his wife got it for me for my birthday!).  I can barely stand it for excitement!!  I will post the new (and successful!) recipes of course!

As for reflections on this last year, I will tell you something cool.  I was not in a terribly good place emotionally last year.  Obviously physical lack of health is more visible.  You are overweight?  You have a spare tire.  You are depressed?  No real sign. 

I have known that exercise shakes the dust bunnies from my mind, but I have been very thankful to discover that they really are out right now.  They have not just sublet their space.  Running has opened the sunshades in my mind.  I am pleased to report that running, aside from helping me ditch a few pounds has helped me beat back a pretty heavy depression...and the funny thing was that I didn't even realize I was depressed until I got rid of it...and I am so thankful that God blessed me with that surprise gift.  So, I leave you with one of my favorite verses:  "I run in the path of your commands, for you have set my heart free."  Psalm 119:32 

Now?  I run.  Figuratively and concretely.  Thankfully.