Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Gabriel and Our Tea Addiction

"My Randomly Thankful moment: I love that my13 year old, 5'11", brown-eyed, Lacrosse supastar is not too big to tuck his giant self into my side on the couch and drink Earl Grey and chat about everything."

This was my Facebook post this morning...and it got me thinking...how did it happen??  And as it is one of the tiny things I am proud of, I thought I'd tell the story...

I always wanted a boy.  Multiple boys, if truth be told.  I love the up-front-ness of boys, the brash honesty.  But I love tea.  I love the tradition of it.  I love that you cannot drink it fast.  I love the way it forces talking and reflection.  When I had my boy, I basked in it.  Treasured it. 

When he was about 3ish, we watched Winnie the Pooh.  And Gabriel asked about "Tea".  He wanted to have tea...I am pretty sure this was because he wanted snacks, but I was game.  I poured out cold Southern Sweet Tea and gave him cookies.  He thought this was fantastic.  So it became a tradition that summer. 

When school started back that winter, I changed over to my beloved hot teas.  I kept the tradition alive, he'd get crackers or peanut butter toast and iced tea.  One day, it was particularly chilly and I asked him if he'd like "High Tea" with me.  I made some tiny meat sandwiches and made some heavily sweetened Earl Grey.  It was a total hit.  We had High Tea most of that winter.

The Summer Tea Time fell by the wayside that summer because we were in and out of my parents and in-laws houses due to Ethan's internships.  We also missed out on some tea times when I started back to teaching that fall because I was so very pregnant with Elise.  It fell back to about once a week, tops.

When I had Elise, I felt so discombobulated and uncertain about everything, I am sure he felt it.  Even though he was only 4.  We took up our High Tea tradition again, a few times a week when Elise was sleeping.  It was time for just us.

It fell by the way again, as he got "too old" at 7 or 8 and we had Amelia.  We only broke it out when he was sick and was having trouble with his throat.

Interestingly, it is something that has come back full force over the last year.  It has become a morning treat, with breakfast.  But then, after the meal is over, we finish our tea together on the couch and talk...sometimes about important things.  Sometimes over his future plans.  Sometimes over what kind of Lacrosse socks he'd like.  But we don't rush.  Because you don't rush tea. 

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