Monday, November 7, 2011

Cute Baby Deer

Last night I posted up a comment Charlotte made about Ethan's deer:  "Ooh, MY cute baby deer. My EAT him!!!"....

My mother thought it was a little cold...

Today's Randomly Thankful moment is a further explanation: I am thankful that my kids have a respectful, yet practical view on meat and the animals they come from. None of my girls had seen a dead animal whole before last night. And I considered shielding them from it last night. But on the way home from the farm where Ethan hunts, he realized it was eligible to enter it into GON (Georgia Outdoor News) because it was taken with a black powder he took it from the truck and put it in our back yard to take a picture for his submission. All the girls wanted to see the deer so they all trooped out to see him.

They all three ooh-ed and ahh-ed over "how pretty" he was...they all three asked to "pet" him (we said "no" because of ticks)...and they all three expected that we would trundle him into the basement fridge and eat him for supper.

None of the three of them got gag-y or squeamish. None of the three were callous to it's loss of life. None of the three were unaware of it's beauty or it's imminent edibility.

I fully expected that at least one would get upset later. Or have nightmares. None did.

I am genuinely proud of their respect. I am proud that they saw his beauty. I am equally proud that they appreciate his practical sacrifice in feeding us.  It was an unexpectedly neat moment.

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