Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Bonus Music: Swan Lake

On the car ride home from Chattanooga after Thanksgiving, we listened to a LOT of music.  A LOT.  Because the rain and wrecks made it a 3 hour jaunt, instead of the usual just under 2.  During which, we listened to Swan Lake.  And Charlotte piped up from the back seat!  "Ooooh!  Barbie!"  Now, I am amused that she recognized it from a Barbie movie, but I was impressed that she recognized it from the music and bopped her head to it, with pleasure.

I've spoken about my enjoyment of the the Barbie movies.  I find it funny that while the Barbie Doll lines get sluttier, the movies and their corresponding Barbies get more wholesome and classic.  I've called Mattel and told them of my disappointment in their "Street Walker" Barbies and my pleasure in their celebrating the classics in the movies...hopefully other mothers are registering this, too.

Anyway, I love that she responds to the beauty of the Good Music regardless of it's transport.  :)

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