Thursday, November 3, 2011

Amelia-isms and Food

Okay.  So I don't know if this counts as an Amelia-ism, but it is very her and very I'm going to catalogue it as such...

We were OUT, out of food this weekend.  I mean like it was all gone.  We managed through the weekend, but there was going to need to be a grocery run first thing on Tuesday.  (Monday was an teacher's inservice, but the kids were out.)  But since we had no food, there was no food to pack a lunch.  So I wrote a check and told the girls that they were going to be buying lunch at school.  Elise spit, but accepted the inevitable.  Amelia totally flipped out.  She commenced to yell and boohoo about me not loving her, and how she hates nasty lunch food, and how I had to have something I could pack....I mean complete breakdown.

Eventually, I got her calmed down enough to get to school...I figured a trip through the cafeteria would convince her that it wasn't all bad...I mean, Amelia is my junk food kid, what is there not to like about cafeteria food? 

The SECOND she got back into the car on Tuesday afternoon, the first words out of her mouth were, "I am never going to have to buy my lunch again, right?  That was the last time, right??"

Umm.  Not going to commit to that, but I am loved again, and flattered that they like me packing lunches.  I certainly have more control over what they are eating and what I want them avoiding.

Ever since the whole fiasco with Charlotte...which, by the way, is indeed the color triad, Red #40, Blue #1, and Yellow #5...additionally, we've seen reactions over Red #33 and Red #5.  So we don't buy colors at all or things that don't disclose (juice concentrates don't have to!).  We've also discovered it affects her attitude drastically. 

Anyway, as I was saying, ever since everything broke with Charlotte we have been reading everything.  All labels.  Nothing like that to really make you look at was actually IN food.  Really disturbing.  We have over-hauled our eating habits even more. 

I have to say, I am really proud of the changes made and really proud that my kids like it.  And that they like it enough to proclaim:  "Yesterday was the last day I will have to buy lunch!"

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