Monday, October 24, 2011

Christina- Proverbs 31 Woman- Reflections for Her Daughters

A friend, whose blog, Raising Little Women, has been in my sidebar since this blog's inception, lept abruptly into Jesus' arms last Wednesday night.

These were the poignant words I read from her husband on Thursday morning:

"To all who haven't heard, Christina Jones Hooker, my beautiful wife and perfect mother of my precious girls, very unexpectedly went to be with Jesus last night, after a hard 24 hour struggle.

These are hard words to say. First, thank you so much for those who prayed so fervently for her life. The preciousness of her life was greatly reflected in your outpouring of concern and grief.

We don't know why, but Christina suffered a severe heart attack Tuesday evening. There was no warning. One moment she was a happy, active young mother, and the next she was undergoing CPR for 15 minutes on the ER at Erlanger hospital. The doctors DID revive her, and fought to save her 24 heroic hours.

She lost that battle. She is so very much needed and missed, and though we do not blame her or God, an awesome person leaves an awesome gap in the lives of those they are closest to. Christina's friends and loved ones, please grieve with me and her children. We are facing something we can only heal with the love of God almighty and you, those who loved her. We are making arrangements at Wilson's funeral home in LaFayette, GA, and I will post om her account as more information becomes available.

Listen to me. Hold close what you have. Your wives, husbands, and children. Every fantasy I had that what is precious to me is too good to be taken was destroyed last night. There are NO guarantees. Every moment we have here is a gift. Live that while you can.

She was just about my age.  Only 35.

She was a Bible Study friend in High School.  At first, I didn't know her from Adam, but every one else did.  Recently, I realized she went to Elementary School with most of them.  I remember envying her and being generally impressed with her, she had an amazing sense of self.  She knew who she was, what she wanted, and had a confidence that was amazing for a sophomore in High School.  She had the perfect blend of sarcasm and earnestness.  She had really mature insights in the Bible Study...  I was struck by her then. 

I was struck by her again, when she friended me on Facebook.  I was struck by the fact that somehow, she had only grown into herself when I was reintroduced to her, through writing.  I admit, that we were not "dear friends"...we were not close, in the practical sense of the word.  But we had so much in common, as far as our hearts go.  We read and enjoyed watching the same things.  We enjoyed our children and were amused by their personalities and God's sense of humor through them.  We laughed at each other's children, commenting how our 2 youngest had to be soul sisters...they were so very much alike.  I found myself hoping that over the holidays this winter I could find the time to let our Littles meet and bond.  And let us re-meet and bond in person.

I had prayed for her so very much during her two pregnancies and then miscarriages, and then as I sought God's healing hand on my soul's hands and knees following her heart attack all day Wednesday, I felt like I knew her and loved her.  I like to think we did know each other...internet pen-pals, I guess you could call us.

I laughed over her goats' antics and was amazed at her Proverbs 31-ness in cheese-making and sewing, and light-hearted homemaking.

She adored her daughters.  She loved them with an all out passion.  She loved her husband, making comments on Facebook about missing him and her joy in his being home.

I am thankful for having known Christina, such as I did.  She was a passionate, joyful, and quirky woman.  I see her impact on her girls.  I pray that her littlest remember her with joy and precious memories.  I pray that her oldest are comforted that she loved her LORD with as much passion as she lived her life....and that they never forget how she loved them with a fervor that was beautiful and honest.

I know that my view of her is a true reflection of her in person the way Facebook blew up with prayers for her...

I wish I had known her better...But my prayers for her beloved daughters will continue as I wrestle with God...

When I was begging God for a miraculous healing, I posted this video to her Facebook page and friended her daughter, Locksley...I knew that she loved Fiddler on the Roof, and I felt that the music spoke to the intensity that we were all praying for her with...

I look forward to learning how to pray specifically how to pray for her family.  I don't know that I would have dared to friend Locksley after she had lost her mother...but I look forward to knowing her more...she has an amazing BLOG and I have enjoyed watching her mind skip about, too.

Please pray with me for Christina's family.  Her huband, Christian, and her daughters: Locksley, Ruby, Isabel, Esther, and Naomi.  Between her husband's job's travel requirements and the fact that she homeschooled, that her very person leaves a hole is only amplified by the way their very lives' structure will be changed....I cannot even fathom...

I am comforted that Christina has joined the God that she loved intensely and that she gets to hold the babies that she lost...but I am still struggling with the hole that she has left with her precious family.

I pray that God wraps this family in his arms...tightly and with miraculous strength...I know he can do that, but I know that this family needs it so very profoundly...I hope that you will join me in entreating for God's love to swaddle this family...and that if you feel led, to donate time or money to help them as well...some of their close friends and church set up THIS FUND for them.

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