Saturday, July 30, 2011

Charlotte Speaks.

I have discovered that although Charlotte is not big on talking, she knows words that will blow your mind. As I promised, she now speaks in badly articulated sentences. Thanks to Elise, I am sure, as most of the mispronounciations are Elise's as well. It shouldn't be too surprising, either, as they are best buddies.

But do you want to know what words she can say flawlessly? Animal names. For example, she popped out with "Oh, look, a hippopotomus!" this last week. Um. What? Why, yes! Yes it is. Crazy. She is an insane fan of "Go, Diego, Go!" who is Dora the Explorer's cousin and a animal rescuer. Like throw her diaper-up-on-stage-groupie-fan. LOVES him.

I am looking forward to this fall. Charlotte will be home without either of her sisters. I will be homeschooling Gabriel, so she'll have a lunch buddy. I bought her some coloring books, and plan to pull all of our animal books so she can have "school" with us too. It's going to be fun. I am curious if she her speech will clean up...or if she'll hold indefinitely popping out with whole paragraphs at a later date!?

I'll get into why we decided to homeschool Gabriel soon. I promise!!


  1. That Charlotte-Girlie has a LOT going on ~ even though she chooses not to be center-stage in the family choreograph :) I can see how it could surely be daunting with five older, BIGGER-THAN-LIFE personalities in the house! What REALLY needs to be said in the face of all that :) She WILL get her chance and will delight everyone for a life-time to come. Remember, "Still Waters Run Deep" . . .
    Hugs from G'mama