Saturday, July 30, 2011

Charlotte Speaks.

I have discovered that although Charlotte is not big on talking, she knows words that will blow your mind. As I promised, she now speaks in badly articulated sentences. Thanks to Elise, I am sure, as most of the mispronounciations are Elise's as well. It shouldn't be too surprising, either, as they are best buddies.

But do you want to know what words she can say flawlessly? Animal names. For example, she popped out with "Oh, look, a hippopotomus!" this last week. Um. What? Why, yes! Yes it is. Crazy. She is an insane fan of "Go, Diego, Go!" who is Dora the Explorer's cousin and a animal rescuer. Like throw her diaper-up-on-stage-groupie-fan. LOVES him.

I am looking forward to this fall. Charlotte will be home without either of her sisters. I will be homeschooling Gabriel, so she'll have a lunch buddy. I bought her some coloring books, and plan to pull all of our animal books so she can have "school" with us too. It's going to be fun. I am curious if she her speech will clean up...or if she'll hold indefinitely popping out with whole paragraphs at a later date!?

I'll get into why we decided to homeschool Gabriel soon. I promise!!

Skating and Rat 7-30-11

Wow. It's been waay too long.

Quick update. I've lost only 2 more pounds. BUT, if you add up those I gained from changing my workout AND those from naughtiness, then I've lost 4 or 5 new pounds. :)

I started Chalean Extreme. Yes, another Beachbody product. (As a matter of fact, I have developed such an addiction, I am now a coach, so if you want anything, order from MEEE! But I seriously needed the discount!!) But the great thing about Chalean Extreme is that it focuses on weights. It is virtually no impact, or can be easily made to be so. Chalene argues that the body's metabolism slows down, not really because you are aging, per say, but because you have less muscle mass and therefore burn less calories. Which totally makes sense. But because I started adding muscle mass, I gained a couple of pounds back because I'm packing on muscle...but my pants were even looser, so as much as I disliked the pounds coming back, I wasn't terribly worried about them. And the weight is coming back off now that those muscles are burning off fat while I sleep. :)

I am still skating. As a matter of fact, my coup today was a whopping 25.5 miles in 3 hours and 13 minutes. I was in over my head, and I seriously almost didn't make it. I have skated no more than 11 miles in over 14 years, so, this was quite the feat. I have only really been actively back on my skates since March. The folks I was with do the A2A every year. I wanted to guage my situation compared to the "big boys". I needed to know how I was standing, how I need to be training. So I crashed their skating party, and they were very gracious. I could have managed 20 competantly, but the last five just about got me. So now I know what I need to do. I even got a very encouraging note to hold the course from the guy who led the skate. He doesn't know how much I want this, and how unneccessary it was, but it was nice to know that someone else is pulling for me! What I learned today was that, surprisingly, I need to work more on the flats. (I know!! Totally crazy!!) I have been so worried about the hills, that's all I've been working on...the flats were brutal for me as I had no down hill momentum to count on.

I gotta tell you a funny fact, though. The skate I went on today is called The Freight Skate. My nerdy mind went straight to the Kessel Run in Star Wars. Don't ask me why. I am just crazy, I guess. But I had to strangle down asking them if they had completed The Freight Skate "in under 12 parsecs"? I really wonder how they would have reacted? :D

I have seriously not sweat so much in a LONG time. I can honestly say I cannot remember ever sweating so much that there were actual salt crystals on my shoulders. Yes. Really.

In some more good news, I had this conversation with Gabriel the other day after I went shopping for pants this week because I had NONE that fit.

Funny thing, after I got home and was wearing the new pants? Gabriel kept looking at me, I started getting paranoid.

Me: What?
Him: You get new pants?
Me: Yup. Why?
Him: They fit. No offense, but the others looked REALLY bad!

You KNOW things are changing when a tweenage boy notices!!! :)