Monday, May 9, 2011

Rat 5-9-11

I have not ratted myself out for a while. I am not proud of this, but I have not lost momentum, I have actually gained ground. I've just been tired.

I completed Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred...granted it was in about 90 days, but I pulled it off. I did lose some weight, and then put on some muscle. Which is good and depressing all at the same time, because although you put on muscle, you also put on some I was at a neutral weight loss, but I looked better and my jeans fit better. Good, but not great. I was feeling more like my old self. When I first started, I took so long between workouts because I had to let my muscles regroup and heal. Then it took a while between workouts because I was adding other workouts, in-line skating, running, stationary biking, etc. so I didn't get bored. I felt like it got me in shape enough to get in real shape.

Then in a fit of craziness, I ordered Insanity, an exercise program that is made to brutalize your body into shape. There are rotating workouts so you don't get bored, and so your body has a chance to regroup, but then again, not really. Ethan did the P90X workout, by the same company, and lost about 22 pounds. And while it would have been smart to just use it, I just could not face an hour and some for each workout. SO.

I actually really like it. I like that the workouts are all under 45 minutes...I like that just when you feel like you will die, they do stretching... I like that it works. I have lost an inch off my waist and 4 pounds in 3 weeks. And it is the kind where not only are you losing, but you can see the muscles show up. I am feeling so much better about myself. I am tired and sore just about everyday, but I am feeling healthy again. PLUS because the program is so brutal, you get to EAT! I am following their diet, and I actually find myself having to eat at the end of the day because I am UNDER their recommended amout of calories for my day...when was the last time you were on a diet like that!!!???!!!

My favorite new recipe that is in their nutrition booklet is the rice bowl. Brown rice, peas, and corn then you add chicken or a scrambled egg...and that's it, nothing else. (Although Ethan and Gabriel like soy sauce on it.) It is yumm-o and the kids like it. Elise is thrilled when I make it, and she will actually eat the peas and corn and beg for more...which is a plain ole shock.

My other absolute favorite food discoveries? Slicing an avocado longwise, salting it just a tiny bit, and wrapping it in some turkey sandwich meat...Mmmm! So good!! Also I discovered that the Laughing Cow spreads have the same number of calories in it as mayonaise, but it is nutritionally better. AND if I use it on my sandwich instead, I can leave off the cheese without feeling ill used. If I put cheese on with it, it is LUXURIOUS!!

I really didn't want to post that I was doing Insanity, because it promises such dramatic results...what if I don't get those dramatic results?? But I read something that my "coach" said, that if you don't have the guts to tell people that you are trying something, then deep down you are giving yourself a way out...and that really struck me. So now you know the reason for my rat today. I am not giving myself a way out. I am going to fight through this program, dagnabit!! I am about to start the 4th week. Then I get a recovery week, and then the abuse starts for the second month...which is supposed to be harder. And I'd just like to say, that if it is too much harder then you will find me rocking in a corner...I am genuinely scared of the second month. But you want to know something weird? I like the workout instructor, still. I usually could take out a hit on the exercise instructor of any other program I've done, after about a week...even those I liked.

I will let you know how things are going in about 3 weeks, which will put me half-way through the second month....if I'm not dead. Plus is gives me a pride incentive to stick to it!! And then it's only 2 weeks til I can say I made it...which I can totally do, right??

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  1. wow...insanity??? i am so impressed, good for you!