Saturday, May 14, 2011

Deep Thoughts Down the Drain

Today is not a deep thoughts day. I wanted it to be, but they apparently all went down the drain.

The thought of the day? Does your hair age? Yes, it will change color, grey and all that…but does it get dry and brittle like your skin as you age?

The reason I ask, is my recent experience with shampoo. I used to be able to wash my hair with bar soap, and it would do okay. I mean, not great, but in a pinch, it got by. Recently, my hair has been disinclined to behave. So I have actually broke down and bought it products to whip into submission. Things have been going well under the new regime, but my actual hair, which is still baby silky (dandelion, remember?) has been dry and unhappy, distinctly fuzzy. I ran out of shampoo a while back. I have long been a fan of Suave in the fruity flavors…plus it’s cheap, it used to be a buck, but now with the economy, it is a whopping $1.50. Anyway, I was not planning ahead (as usual) and realized that I had no shampoo, so went and got my travel sized Garnier Fructis out of my trip kit. And lo and behold, my hair was happy, smooth, and not so dry. Huh. SO, I used it until it was gone…yay, happy hair!! It ran out, and I was back to my strawberry Suave…boo, sad hair! Huh.

I went out and bought the real sized Garnier, and spent *gasp* $3.50. But my hair is 18 year old happy. Seriously, is my hair old? Demanding coddling, like my skin has been lately? Terribly strange. I guess when I turn 40, I will have to buy $5 or $8 shampoo? It is an interesting thought…not deep, but certainly a matter for research… :)


  1. Yes, yes it does. Or, at least it changes texture and requires more love. Along with my crazy thick gray hairs, I'm getting new really dark hairs that don't like being told what to do. :(
    Your scalp is just skin that grows hair so it stands to reason that it would age with the rest of you.

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