Friday, April 29, 2011


We got a rather terrifying lightening storm night before last...and after watching the insane weather on radar just barely miss us, and talking to friends and family who were not so lucky over the last couple of days, am I the only one who starts thinking The Book of Revelation?

There were some big, bad tornados that have decimated lot of the south that typically do not get hit by any such storms. I have friends that actually had their house lifted and moved 4-5 feet and then dropped by the tornado...destroying it. I am thankful to say that not one of their family were there, they were in their church basement...but all of their stuff is all a loss.

Many of my family and friends have no power and do not anticipate it being restored for a week. One friend has been charging her phone in her car, and posted on Facebook that they were warming water over candles for coffee...thankful that they were safe.

Whole strips of neighborhoods, buildings, and schools are literally gone. Forests have been razed...hundred year old trees snapped like matchsticks.

A friend from high school posted that she went to her parents' damaged house today and they have heard the cadaver dogs searching all day. They can see nothing but destruction everywhere they look.

Today another friend posted that her husband (who is a contractor) has been let go from his job...which I find bizarre (the entire area is going to be rebuilding from the ground up...who do they think will be doing this??) But in the face of the desolation, how awful would it be to get that phone call??

I have been emotionally tossed about over the last few days...I virtually never watch TV (when it is on, we are usually streaming from Netflix) but yesterday I spent the day searching Facebook for friends posting that they were safe, or reporting that they had talked to other friends...I watched the news for pictures, information, and reports of the damage. Today I have watched the Royal Wedding and the reports of the damage...the highs and lows are making me feel manic depressive...I am feeling darn blessed that my life is boring, normal, and safe.

Repeat after me:
I am blessed. My family is safe. I have a home. (even if it is dirty!) I have electricity. My fridge is full of food that has not spoiled. I can microwave said food. I know where my clothes are. I can bathe and wash my clothes. I can contact my loved ones. I can go to the store and know it is standing. I and/or my spouse have a job. I do not hear cadaver dogs searching for the lost. I can give blood. I can donate to those who have nothing. I still have time to tell those I care about that I love them. I have hope. I know what is important. I can cry and celebrate with others. I know who has His Hand on me and that I deserve nothing....that I am blessed to have HIM.

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  1. Repeated those words a thousand times over these last days! Thanks for the sweet reminder, daughter dear! I'm glad you all were kept safe! As Dad and I sat in the dark last night, we were thinking about how difficult that would be in your little world there! I pray you are always safely protected. . .