Thursday, April 28, 2011


When I was a kid, the term "princess" was a call to proper behavior, and not in the way you would think. Like, "You are not a princess, go clean your room." or "You are not a princess, you need to help your mother set the table/make supper/dust...etc"

I resented it. I mean really, REALLY resented it. Being a princess was such a lovely concept and it was used for rebuke. It was one of few things that I swore I'd not do as a parent that I actually made good on. Most of the "Swearings" have failed because I grew up and realized that my folks were right. There have been a lot of "I'm really sorry I was ugly to were makes sense now..." phone calls made to my mother.

I told my parents that the Princess Reprimand would come to a screeching halt when I had Elise. I found a line at my local Bible bookstore while I was still pregnant with her that had a "Princess" line based on being "The King of Kings" daughter. I thought it was amazingly cool. To their credit, they have backed me on this decision. To the point that my mom and dad bought a Princess Bible for the girls for their Easter basket illuminating the Princess qualities that each woman in the Bible brought that we should imitate. (SO cool...I highly recommend it!!)

I wish I could put my finger on why princesses have such a fascination for us as a gender. I don't think it is the power, or the dresses, or the handsome prince, as many have suggested. I think it is the treasuredness, the belovedness, and the protection that is placed around the position. I really do.

I am looking forward to the Royal Wedding tomorrow. You know, Kate Middleton to Prince William of England...House of Windsor and all that...

I do not have an obsession that many have scorned on the internet...just a healthy interest in someone else's special day. I look forward to them being happy. I look forward to seeing the beautiful cathedral of Westminster Abbey. I look forward to seeing the tears wisked away by the royals, telling us that we are no different deep down. I look forward to the glowing smile of the bride, the victorious pride of the groom. I like the emotions that go on at weddings. I love that they are all the same, no matter the color, the station, or the financials of those getting married. It's a day of joy.

In July of 1981, my mother ripped me from my bed at about 4 am. I do not remember being warned that she would do so. I was not yet 6, and 4 am is VERY early for a 5 year old. I was fed hot chocolate in her best china cup and some kind of baked good as I sat in a bean bag in my basement. My mother and I watched as Lady Diana Spencer married Prince Charles. It was magic. I had never seen a wedding. This one was over the top. A princess!

I treasured that morning. I enjoyed the wedding. It was SO pretty! But the most important part was the hot chocolate and the time with my mama. I was special. I was OLD ENOUGH to get woken up at 4 am and watch a wedding full of beauty and joy....I was old enough to make a memory. I was the real princess.

SO. Tomorrow, guess who is getting woken up for the Royal Wedding? My girls. Charlotte won't remember it, and is a big meanie when woken before her "time", so I'm not going there! I am not banking on Elise, I although I will attempt to get her up to join me. Amelia, however, will be up (she's up by 3:30 in the morning half the time anyway!!)....drinking hot chocolate, and being loved on by myself and my mama, who will be joining us....SHE will be the princess. SHE will remember the time she got to witness her first wedding, and the time with those who adore her....and it will be magical.

And here is a little fun that Disney could not resist putting together in case you are a big sucker like me and want to be cutting or baking all afternoon. I am. I will be cutting out the Kate Paper Doll that will get torn up in about 20 minutes...and Amelia will love every second, so I'm doing it...because it is the time put in that makes the magic...

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