Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Rat 3-9-11

I have lost back down to what I was before the last unfortunate rat. Good, I guess. No more diet drinks. It's working, huh...wierd.

I have gone to bed reasonably, about 50/50...those that I have not been good about resulted because of working out too late...but I have managed to work out reasonably early for the last 3 days...I hope to be able to get up and work out before I get the kids up tomorrow...I may check in just for that... :) I'd really like to change over to morning exercise.

I made quinoa and peanut satay dip and chicken...which is YUMMY! I think peas, sweet potatoes, or carrots would go GREAT with it. The kids won't touch it...but I liked it. Still working on finding new stuff for them.

The kids' food? I have been making a form of Bento Boxes for them, and they really like it. I use THIS site for ideas...I've gone cheap, and am using Ziploc divided containers, but I have enough that I can wash them in the dishwasher every couple of days...Elise has been eating more variety because of the divisions...utilizing the OCD tendencies does have some benefits! :)

I also bought some new skates!!! I cannot begin to tell you how VERY excited I am!! I got last year's version for about 1/2 the price, so I was able to get premium performance skates for a recreational skate price. I would have paid full price to get what I wanted, but I actually preferred last year's color combination! Bonus!! And I am now all set to start training for A2A! I am sooo excited!! Yay!!! I'm sick, perhaps, but dead serious! As of right now, I'm planning on the 38 mile distance...but if I can manage to train with some kind of regularity, then maybe, I can up it...we shall see.

I am hoping to get "skinny, fit Tiffany" back by doing "skinny, fit Tiffany's" exercise activities. I got my bike ready to go with the kid's trailer for when it gets warm again. Ethan worries about my taking my skating up again. He keeps reminding me that I am no longer a "Spring Chicken"...but I countered that I may get to look like one by acting like one. He rolled his eyes and reminded me to be careful. He knows how recklessly I used to skate, but I think that motherhood has tempered my consequence planning... Plus, my dad took up Mountain Biking at age 50. I come from a long line of acting-the-age-you-want-to-feel-like. So, there.

A girlfriend commented on my Facebook wall "Girl...just how FIT ARE YOU? You are running, skating, Shredding...I stand in awe...." Here's the thing. I am fairly fit. The problem is to be really fit, I have to look like it and quit making myself fight against my own body. As I said before, I need to ditch about 7 pounds to get healthy, but to truly free my old self, I need to lose about 15...not that that loss will take me back to college, but it will go a long way to allowing me to do what I want...and that is the truth of it. You can run, bike, skate, and exercise while dragging around a few extra pounds. However, for it to be really fun and to make it hurt less, losing all that extra makes all the difference. It's like running with a bag of groceries. You can do it, but it's no fun.

I believe that my special needs blog placed 3rd for the Reader's Choice Awards (I have to wait on the official announcement to know for sure!)...which is cool, but missed 1st and 2nd place by 7,000 and 6,000 votes, respectively. So, it's not quite as impressive as it sounds. I am still pleased though. Not bad for a 5 month old blog! :) The reason to brag about this is to explain why I've been forced to keep stalking my votes. On my phone. At night. With my husband home. I feel badly. I am going to start putting it away when the kids go to bed, so I can kick that addiction again. I promise!

So, is that everything I have to rat myself out about? If not, I'll check back in. Thanks for making me stay honest!

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