Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentines of the Magi

This year my valentines exchange with my beloved was funny enough that I had to share.

We decided back in November, I think, to go to see Brad Paisley in concert, the week of Valentine's Day. So we went with friends, and it was fabulous! A phenomenal concert, really, quite a show! And we really enjoyed it, but since we did something so spectacular, we decided to exchange lower profile gifts.

I went out and bought a George Washington biography that Ethan had hinted at all Christmas season. But I could not get in time for as soon as the kids got back in school I ran out and got it. Score me! I was SO excited to see his happiness! He would be shocked and happy that I actually remembered!

No lie to you, he came home with it last Saturday. I was SO disappointed!!! I mean my thoat even got a lump in it...and I comtemplated keeping my mouth shut, but ended up chirping "happy valentine's day" when he showed it to me...and I told him that that was his gift, so enjoy it, because I wasn't going to be able to come up with another "good one" in did he want to keep it, or should I take it and give it back to him on the 14th? He told me what a great job I did and that he'd like to start reading it...fine. whatever.

I NEVER buy CDs! Really, very rarely...I'll compulsively buy 1 or 2 a year and they'll ususally be for the kids or Ethan...

But in a fit of tweenagerishness (and I'm sure that's probably a real word), I bought Taylor Swift's new CD, and came home with it, Tuesday, I think...

It was playing when Ethan walked in the door from work...and he perked up his ear and asked if it was the radio...and I confessed that I had bought it that day...and he said, "happy valentine's day"...whaa? Yeah, that is what he bought for ME back in January for Valentine's.

So, while there was no selling of hair or watches, it smacks a bit of the Gift of the Magi story by O Henry...But, somehow it is really sweet how it happened to both of us this year. We have loved each other long enough to know each other that well...and it makes even the frustrating special. :)


  1. Sweet story! I'm glad you took the time to recount it. . . It will be especially treasured years from now, when it might have gotten lost in the brain's less used creases . . . :)

    Happy Valentine's Day to one & all!
    Hugs all around!

  2. That is fabulous! Sweetly frustrating :)
    We almost had something similar happen to us because Rocky forgot to tell me he spent some Christmas money on the movie I was going to get him, but thankfully I noticed before I bought another copy.

  3. This is a very sweet story! I can imagine the frustration on both your parts, but at the same time, the fact that you both had the same experience kind of erases the frustrating part and burries it in sweetness! And...I've thought for some time that a Brad Paisley concert would be excellent! I don't go to concerts, but that's one I'd pay to go to. LOVE his work! He is a true music artist, one of the few.