Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Scarecrow Fun

There is a property on my way to the kids' school that has gallavanting scarecrows. No lie.

I use the term scarecrow lightly. They have white heads and their outfits change often, and they appear to have wire bodies. I cannot stress the magic of these scarecrows enough. I have not once seen them posed. I have never seen anyone near them. They have taken on lives of their own.

They skip through the flowers and roses, bending to smell them. They wear capes and bonnets, overalls and suits. They dance around a pot of gold at St. Patrick's Day. They sing around the tree at Christmas. One was proposed to this Valentine's Day. She's run off and he looks disgruntled, so I'm thinking perhaps she's turned him down.

They will literally be moved from their morning positions by the evening some days. Sometimes only one will have changed...

I will probably die in the ditch from watching these scarecrows and I solemnly promise to write a thank you note to the property owners before the end of this year. I treasure the makes me feel 5.

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  1. That's awesome! I want magic scarecrows!!! :)