Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Rat 2-23-11

So I've gained 2 pounds this round. Like in the last 3 days. Stink. I considered not even ratting myself out this time, but since that is the whole point...


Well, I've been working out consistently. I've been maintaining the appropriate food choices. My pants are still fitting the same way, so the weight hasn't addressed my biggest concerns...The only change is this: diet drinks. I'm dead serious. I went on a food bender at the Brad Paisley concert, and then went back to being good...but since I had all that nice yummy food and drinks, I started fantasizing about sugar and cokes and cakes and...well, you get the picture... So I bought some diet tea. Figured no calories, no harm, no foul. Hmmmm. Maybe not.

So, I am adding this, no diet there. We'll see if this is the problem.

I sent a tracing of my foot to an in-line skate store to fit me for my new skates. I have chosen a type of K2 skate, and I'm really excited. I've been reading reviews and harrassing major inline producers, so I think this will be good. I'll let you know when my purchase goes through, and how happy I am...I am officially planning to go for the A2A marathon, but probably the shortest distance (38 miles)...this time... I am seriously exxcited!!!

Sleeping? Eh, about 50/50 at this point. I am trying to wrestle my self into bed so I can try and get up early to workout so I shower BEFORE 9 o'clock at night...a side-effect of working out being pushed back and back and...well, trying to fix that one!

Food? No new stuff this week...I know, naughty me. But low on food and NO desire to go to the store...Actually, I take that back, pierogies are surprisingly low in calories...and so that was subbed in for ravioli a few times this week, and Elise actually liked it! Amelia made a big production of gagging...can't win them all, huh?

Computer? Um, back to old habits...started to read to ditch the computer...yeah, now having a hard time putting down the stinkin' books and be responsible...BUT I've read some good ones, sorta successful this time...the computer addition is being replaced by my old book one... :)

Blogging is working out a matter of fact, if you follow me here and not at Just a Little Bit Downsy, then, do me a personal favor and go HERE to vote for me...I have actually been blessed by friends and supporters and am a finalist for a special needs blog Readers Award. You can vote once a day until March 8. Thanks!!

Thanks for making me honest and checking in on me...See you with hopefully better results in 2 weeks!!

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