Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Evil Genius

Gabriel talked right on time for his age. He used big words early, big surprise there being I'm his mama!

Elise was delayed, because of her health and Downs.

Amelia was delayed, because her playmate was Elise. She was referred to the local early intervention program...I never took her, because I was confident that she would get caught up. Now she uses million dollar words and never stops talking. People think she is older because of the information that falls out of her mouth.

Charlotte is not really talking. She has phrases that she uses in a pinch, but she doesn't really talk. I am betting big money that on her 2 year-old well child visit, the pediatrician will refer her, too.

I think she isn't talking because she doesn't want to, not because she can't. She is a mover and a shaker. She doesn't talk because it will take less time for her to just go and get what she wants, rather than take the time to ask anyone.

Lately, she has started playing with her sisters. They play house a lot. Not surprisingly, Charlotte is usually "the baby". But she doesn't just stand there, she actively pretends to be a baby. She gets in the doll cradle and flaps her hands and babbles, which she has NEVER done before. I find it wickedly funny that the baby that doesn't talk, pretends to be a baby who doesn't talk. She sticks out her tongue, and says "bah, bah, bah". It's truely hysterical! But it makes me really wonder if she is calculating. Does she choose not to talk, so she can do as she likes?

She has never babbled. She will NEVER repeat after you, anything! She does not "do" baby talk unless she is playing that she is a baby. But she understands everything! She is an "old soul" kind of kid. Her eyes know so much more than she should. She "gets" people and laughs over jokes she shouldn't understand. I am convinced that when she does decide to talk, it will be in not only complete sentences, but in complete paragraphs and ideas.

So, thanks to this crazy little girl, I am practicing letting my eyes glaze over and pretending to listen, and perfecting "yeah, yeah, sure" kind of answers...for when we go to the pediatrician for her 2 year-old check-up. Just because she isn't talking doesn't mean she can't, I think she may just be just an Evil Genius, she just plays that she is a baby....yeah, yeah, that's it!!


  1. TOO funny, always, you see life through such wonderfully creative eyes! Life is so much more fun from your vantage point...and your kids are blessed to call you "Mama!" :)

  2. I agree with you. My aunt had 4 children, ages 4-12, when the 5th arrived. Joshua didn't speak for I don't know how long. The doctors did tests, etc....with no faults found. And in the end, his mouthh opened and he has lots to say and does so just fine. My aunt's theory is that with a house full of siblings and being the baby, he didn't HAVE to talk! Everything was anticipated for him by his brothers. He just pointed and it appeared. Makes sense to me.