Wednesday, January 5, 2011

New Year's Resolutions

Hmm. I really hate New Year's Resolutions. Really. And it's not because I break them. It's because I feel like they loop. I feel like I make the same ones over and over. Ironically, I feel like "there's nothing new under the heaven" and each and every year that reasserts itself.

I am going to try them a little differently this year though. So you are coming along on the ride...mostly because I need to 'fess up to there you go.

I am going to make only 7.
1) I'm going to cook newer and healthier meals. For Ethan and myself AND the kids.
2) I'm going to work out at least 4 times a week for at least 45 minutes.
3) I'm going to sleep at least 7 hours a night...which puts me in bed no later than 11:30. Ever.
4) I'm going to blog at least once a week on each of the and Just a Little Bit Downsy
5) I'm going to lose 2 pounds each month. I figure I can totally do that, and the result will be 24 pounds at the end of the year. Which will also result the 10lbs I need to lose to get healthy again, and the 20lbs to sexy. :)
6) I'm going to lock up my computer and phone after 9pm so I can work out, and pay attention to books and my lovely husband...I'm not missing anything important.
7) I'm going to find other activities that Elise can focus on other than TV.

I am also going to rat myself out. Every two weeks. I will share a new recipe that I have tried. I will tattle on whether I have worked out, slept, and if I managed to ditch any weight. And I will say if I have wrestled back my evenings from the internet.

And I will tell you what activities I've tried with Elise. And if there was any success.
Yes, I am aware that I am using the internet to keep myself honest, just as I'm swearing it off...well, just a little... But we use what we must, huh?

To loop back to the beginning of this post, just for a minute, the verse that I mentioned, Ecclesiastes 1:9, "What has been will be again, what has been done will be done again; there is nothing new under the sun. " least it is not a mark of my failure, just my human-ness. And human is okay...and as my mantra is over on Just a Little Bit Downsy, at least we are not alone! God is with us even on the little stuff...and happily gives us our daily bread...and daily support...which is just cool.

On that thought, I am going to make one last resolution. I'm going to pray over the resolutions...I'm ashamed to say I've not thought of that before...have you?


  1. I heard a priest on Christmas day say that "Christmas is the time for making new commitments - NOT New Years for resolutions." The difference between the two is that the Christ of Christmas enables us the power to change directions - make new commitments. New Year's resolutions end up, too often, to be merely empty words with little power behind them. That pretty much fits with what you have arrived at ~ a word from the Lord, indeed. Your commitments are admirable ones, doable/measurable ones (IEP lingo), AND prayed over ones. I know God will give you the "will and the power to accomplish according to His good pleasure". . .Phil. 2:13

  2. We have a few of the same resolutions... only i'm choosing to call them goals. :)
    Ryan and I took a drive in the mtns to discuss our goals for the year.... he has 3... I have 15.
    Praying that your resolutions and my goals are achieved this year! :)

  3. loved reading through your resolutions, praying that you will be able to accomplish them. i know praying about them will make a difference, sadly i have never thought to do so before:( it makes me think that making new years resolutions is a sign of hope...