Thursday, December 2, 2010

Christmas Carol Cluster #2: The Little Drummer Boy

When I was little one of the things that bothered me the most was going to church and singing The Little Drummer Boy with No Drums, I thought it was a real disappointment.

I have since married a percussionist and then gave birth to a little percussionist, and The Little Drummer Boy will always hold a beloved spot in my heart. This year it is officially Gabriel's favorite carol.

I will say though as I was hunting a fun version to post, there is a disturbing lack of arrangements on this one. Which is just pitiful when you think of all the brilliant percussionists that could have a go at it! I would just LOVE to see Cake have their way with it!! So, consider this a challenge all you musicians, PLEASE play with The Little Drummer Boy! :)

Gabriel's favorite version:
Bob Seger's The little Drummer Boy:

I got tickled by Jimi Hendrix playing it at a concert:

Here is the "original" that I remember most from my childhood. Although it's not as good as when you could hear the white noise emitted from the record player!

A celtic band has a little fun:

And highland pipes and drums for a kick:

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