Monday, November 1, 2010

Okay, I'm Back!!

Wow. I just want to say how hard it is to commit to writing EVERY SINGLE DAY! Sometimes I don't want to write. Sometimes I am tired. Sometimes I can't write...and I stress over committing and doing what I said I would. By day 6, I there were no more inspired posts...just dragging myself along by the back of the neck, much like my life is many days.

Now back to normal writing. Sorta. Except now I am trying to get other people to be brilliant. It's an easier job, I only have to write other people's thoughts...which is cool...

If that would apply to you, I'd love to hear from you, too!

I feel like I've done a disservice to my other kids, so I decided to apply a few of the ideas that I had for Elise to them..but not today, today I approached about 30 people with the request of writing for my big November idea...and my fingers are twitching...

I did want to say that I've missed you and am looking forward to being a more balanced woman again...I have decided that being a hybrid mama has perks in it's keeps everything in perspective in it's own right...I don't get tunnelled down only one path...

So, few "Isms" to prove that I'm back:

Amelia: "Look how much taller Elise is now that that she ate all that macaroni!"
Elise: "Yes! So taller!!"

Amelia: "See how tall my legs are? Maybe I'll get married soon."

Amelia: "I wasn't at your married day because I was with the doctor at the hospital, right?"
Me: "No, you didn't exist yet."
Amelia: "Well that's just not fair."

Amelia: On Disney Princesses on Ice "All that magic was like magic."

Amelia: "I'm sick, so I get purple medicine and then movies all day will make me better."

I promise legit "everybody" posts now.

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  1. haha! love these! and welcome back...i did look forward to reading your posts everyday but i am sure it was challenging to have to write something every single day! thank you for doing that!