Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Gabriel's 21 factoids

It told you that I was going to use the ideas I did with Elise with my other kids...I loved the 21 annual factoid list and decided to do each one.

Here is Gabriel:

1) Gabriel prefers his name to be whole with adults and at home. But goes by Gabe at school, because he is sick of being called Gabrielle.

2) Gabriel tends to work better when he's had projects or chores or exercised...I've only just figured this out...and I'm going to utilize it. It's like he "gets on a roll".

3) He is disinclined to wear winter clothes. Sleeves and jackets annoy him.

4) He loves mythological type stories. Percy Jackson, Harry Potter, and super heroes.

5) He reads in spurts. Constantly, and then it's like pulling teeth...I think it falls under the #2 item, too.

6) He has grown so much that he is wanting to check his height or hand size against mine every few hours. It is SO annoying. I'll be trying to cook and he'll ask if he's taller and try to measure...even when he checked that morning...BUT he is only like two inches shorter...he's 5'6".

7) Gabriel loves pasta and asked if he could move to Italy. I told him Americanized Italian is probably better, because there is more cheese. He wants to go anyway. For the food.

8) Gabriel makes a bigger mess in his bathroom than I can wrap my brain around...DAILY! And he doesn't see's crazy!!

9) Gabriel has an amazing ear for music. He can fake knowing how to play the piano at the drop of a hat. He can play some songs, really well...Coldplay...and can pick out others very quickly, but cannot yet read music. He is excellent with Percussion at school band, as well.

10) He loves his sisters more than anything, despite an in born need to harass them all day.

11) He loves skanky cheap candy that nobody else will eat.

12) He would choose fruit over candy any moment in the week.

13) He is my only child with my brown eyes. And if genetics continue, before he completes puberty, his eyes will go to a hazel green/brown.

14) Gabriel is currently wearing the jeans size I wore when I got pregnant with him...

15) Gabriel yells and screams at video games, G-rated racing games...and I usually have to cut him he doesn't give himself an aneurysm.

16) Gabriel still believes that if his shirt actually fits in his arm pits, it is too small. Because for so many years, I have bought big so he won't out grow it before the season is over!!

17) He likes the idea of cheering for sports teams and enjoys wearing their paraphernalia, but has yet to watch an entire game.

18) Was diagnosed with Reactive Airway Disease and has more ear infections than I can even count.

19) He has been to urgent care and emergency rooms more often than any of his sisters combined. Including Elise.

20) He was my only NICU baby, at a whopping 7lbs 12oz.

21) I am SO thankful that he is my boy. He has eased me into every parenting stage and I am incredibly thankful for his mild personality...even when it makes me nuts.


  1. Nik was my NICU baby at 7,4. They kept calling her "the big baby" LOL Last time that happened. Oh, and my kids think pants are too tight if they have to unbutton then to take them off.

  2. So cool to have these for all the years to come! Such a precious kid growing into a great young man - too quickly, I might add :(