Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Charlotte's 21 Factoids

And here is my littlest's 21 Factoids:

1) Charlotte the littlest...but she is NOT a baby.
2) She has chosen to be Not a Baby because she has no time to be one.
3) Charlotte has chosen to take FOREVER to talk, because she doesn't have time to ask, so she'll just get it herself already...
4) She loves Dora, Diego, and puppies.
5) She is PETRIFIED of cats. Terrified. It is bizarre!!
6) She adores babies.
7) She adores dolls.
8) She is super serious.
9) Which makes her smiles particularly adorable
10) And her giggles as precious as gold
11) She will clean up after herself or her siblings without being asked
12) She mothers anyone who will let her
13) She is my only true introvert
14) Charlotte loves to be worn in carriers
15) She will pull down the back of my shirt to kiss my back and massage my neck, when she is hanging out in the carrier.
16) She is my only baby who waddles like a baby as she runs every where, arms pumping
17) For as busy as she has been, she has not self-weaned like her siblings yet...
18) Charlotte likes to color and eat crayons
19) She is disinclined to wear clothes.
20) She likes to pick out her diapers...and often chooses the practical white ones.
21) Charlotte is my last baby...and I wish she was more of a baby. But I love her crazy little old lady ways. :)


  1. She has her G'mama's heart! I love that little girl . . . and yes, I'm sad the "baby days" are waning.

  2. I'm sad, too! But she's also like me--I was always a grown-up lady. It's very difficult being the baby of the family and being so grown up/mature--you end up taking care of everybody else! It's also difficult among peers until you are actually a bonafied grown up! Love watching that "little old lady"!