Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Because I am Generous and Flippin' Brilliant

I am sitting here having had a terribly brilliant moment and feeling guilty for you, my lovely mamas, for not having shared it!

So, here it is:

American Girl Dolls are very loved over here...and while Santa brought them a couple of years ago, Santa is struggling to pay $30 a pop for clothes for the dolls. I have skirted the issue the last couple of years...I have bought Target and other knock off brands. I have bought hand-made clothes from places like Etsy and Ebay...

This year I was a little stymied. My girls REALLY want the formal ballgown-like dresses for their girls. So I decide that I'm going to make them. So I am thinking about sewing at 11:00 at night and am really having difficulty getting excited. Plus, I've going to have to figure out crinoline, etc.

Then the brilliance strikes.

Wait for it!

The over the top baby clothes that are really too formal for church, but you eye at the stores and at consignment sales...and either you buy and it sits in the closet, never worn. OR you pass it over, because you totally know you won't ever put this on your kid. But you WISH you could. HERE IS THEIR USE!! I bought several at my consignment store for $3 to $6 bucks each and I'm cutting them down. Yes, you heard right. I am taking in the waist and the sides of the bodice. That's it. And if you can find a formal jumper, all you have to do it take up the shoulders and sew the sides together. VOILA!

I have found that the ideal baby size is 0-6 months. Any larger than that and you are dealing with a LOT of fabric...and you also may need to hem the bottom...again, more work. Turn them inside out and safety pin the sides where you want them...then dig out the thread and go to town! I plan to use the machine, but have hand sewn an entire outfit for Gabriel (during his Davy Crockett stage), and I assure you a doll dress is totally do-able.

And you are a ROCKSTAR! And your daughter has an entire formal wardrobe for her doll and you spent less than $20 bucks.

Totally fantastic, yes??


  1. Great! Of course, this is all Greek to me. Dolls? Fabric? Huh? :)

  2. You are "genius" on SO many levels !_!

  3. I may have told you this before, but when my mom was little her grandmother went to a local fur shop and got a sample piece of fur and made stoles for her grandaughters' Barbie dolls. My mother was always very careful with her toys so it got passed down to me. My Barbie had the only real fur coat around, and in the 80's, before the fur is murder movement, that was huge.