Saturday, November 13, 2010

21 Factoids on Amelia

My factoids on Amelia:
1) She talks ALL the time!!
2) I mean ALL the time, LOUDLY!
3) She uses scary long words properly (Oh, yes, this is the girl that was referred to Early Intervention because she took too long to talk. And then talked poorly, for too long...WHATEVER!)
4) Amelia loves to dress up
5) If she cannot be in proper princess attire, then she wants to wear dresses.
6) If she cannot wear dresses, then she will wear leggings or tights...she despises jeans
7) She adores headbands
8) She thinks chap-stick is awesome, and cannot WAIT until she can wear make-up
9) Amelia is ALL about imagination
10) I am pretty sure she thinks Entirely in Italics
11) Amelia is obsessed with size and age and what you can do accordingly due to each
12) Amelia is Tweedle-Dee to Gabriel's Tweedle-Dum
13) She loves any doll that she can dress wildly...
14) She dislikes tennis shoes and prefers anything sparkly
15) She lives for eating 5-layer burritos at Taco Bell
16) Her dream is to eat "in" at fast food thru's are just not glamorous.
17) Amelia loves and fights passionately
18) Amelia is an inborn care-taker
19) She loves her siblings with a deep and powerful love
20) She is a candy fiend
21) Her beloved is Elephant, who has a middle name, last name, wardrobe, and idiosyncrasies that rival only her dramatic self! :)


  1. She's her g'mama's girl! I can relate to so many of these delights!_!

  2. This is awesome! So many of these could describe Sophie, like 1-11, 13, 17-20...totally Sophie. Those two would really get along!