Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Christmas Carol Cluster!

For December I am going to be posting YouTube videos of my favorite Christmas Carols, every day! I challenge you to do like-wise. I think that Christmas Carols don't get enough attention!! So starting tomorrow, get ready for some joy! :)

Friday, November 26, 2010

Unexpected Thanksgiving

Charlotte was exhausted and generally snarky for Thanksgiving. I did A LOT of walking. 2.5 miles up and down some impressive hills of my husband's family's home.

This was not how I planned to spend my day.

I am so thankful for this unplanned detour. I got to enjoy some incredible sights. I saw some errant Queen Anne's Lace that did not receive them memo that it is not the season for flowers. I saw some absolutely gorgeous fall colors. I saw a full rainbow. All the colors and a complete arch, cast against a dark sky. Making it all the more beautiful. I got to soak in the unseasonable warmth with a luscious breeze.

It's been a long time since I got to take such a lovely hike. It really ranks up there with the magic of my childhood "milkweed storms"...

I highly recommend an unexpected detour if you can catch one. Recharge on God's gifts of silent and often hidden beauty. Soak it in and save it for a rainy day.

I am especially thankful for the Unexpected Thanksgiving this year! It was lovely!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Because I am Generous and Flippin' Brilliant

I am sitting here having had a terribly brilliant moment and feeling guilty for you, my lovely mamas, for not having shared it!

So, here it is:

American Girl Dolls are very loved over here...and while Santa brought them a couple of years ago, Santa is struggling to pay $30 a pop for clothes for the dolls. I have skirted the issue the last couple of years...I have bought Target and other knock off brands. I have bought hand-made clothes from places like Etsy and Ebay...

This year I was a little stymied. My girls REALLY want the formal ballgown-like dresses for their girls. So I decide that I'm going to make them. So I am thinking about sewing at 11:00 at night and am really having difficulty getting excited. Plus, I've going to have to figure out crinoline, etc.

Then the brilliance strikes.

Wait for it!

The over the top baby clothes that are really too formal for church, but you eye at the stores and at consignment sales...and either you buy and it sits in the closet, never worn. OR you pass it over, because you totally know you won't ever put this on your kid. But you WISH you could. HERE IS THEIR USE!! I bought several at my consignment store for $3 to $6 bucks each and I'm cutting them down. Yes, you heard right. I am taking in the waist and the sides of the bodice. That's it. And if you can find a formal jumper, all you have to do it take up the shoulders and sew the sides together. VOILA!

I have found that the ideal baby size is 0-6 months. Any larger than that and you are dealing with a LOT of fabric...and you also may need to hem the bottom...again, more work. Turn them inside out and safety pin the sides where you want them...then dig out the thread and go to town! I plan to use the machine, but have hand sewn an entire outfit for Gabriel (during his Davy Crockett stage), and I assure you a doll dress is totally do-able.

And you are a ROCKSTAR! And your daughter has an entire formal wardrobe for her doll and you spent less than $20 bucks.

Totally fantastic, yes??

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Charlotte's 21 Factoids

And here is my littlest's 21 Factoids:

1) Charlotte the littlest...but she is NOT a baby.
2) She has chosen to be Not a Baby because she has no time to be one.
3) Charlotte has chosen to take FOREVER to talk, because she doesn't have time to ask, so she'll just get it herself already...
4) She loves Dora, Diego, and puppies.
5) She is PETRIFIED of cats. Terrified. It is bizarre!!
6) She adores babies.
7) She adores dolls.
8) She is super serious.
9) Which makes her smiles particularly adorable
10) And her giggles as precious as gold
11) She will clean up after herself or her siblings without being asked
12) She mothers anyone who will let her
13) She is my only true introvert
14) Charlotte loves to be worn in carriers
15) She will pull down the back of my shirt to kiss my back and massage my neck, when she is hanging out in the carrier.
16) She is my only baby who waddles like a baby as she runs every where, arms pumping
17) For as busy as she has been, she has not self-weaned like her siblings yet...
18) Charlotte likes to color and eat crayons
19) She is disinclined to wear clothes.
20) She likes to pick out her diapers...and often chooses the practical white ones.
21) Charlotte is my last baby...and I wish she was more of a baby. But I love her crazy little old lady ways. :)

Saturday, November 13, 2010

21 Factoids on Amelia

My factoids on Amelia:
1) She talks ALL the time!!
2) I mean ALL the time, LOUDLY!
3) She uses scary long words properly (Oh, yes, this is the girl that was referred to Early Intervention because she took too long to talk. And then talked poorly, for too long...WHATEVER!)
4) Amelia loves to dress up
5) If she cannot be in proper princess attire, then she wants to wear dresses.
6) If she cannot wear dresses, then she will wear leggings or tights...she despises jeans
7) She adores headbands
8) She thinks chap-stick is awesome, and cannot WAIT until she can wear make-up
9) Amelia is ALL about imagination
10) I am pretty sure she thinks Entirely in Italics
11) Amelia is obsessed with size and age and what you can do accordingly due to each
12) Amelia is Tweedle-Dee to Gabriel's Tweedle-Dum
13) She loves any doll that she can dress wildly...
14) She dislikes tennis shoes and prefers anything sparkly
15) She lives for eating 5-layer burritos at Taco Bell
16) Her dream is to eat "in" at fast food restaurants...drive thru's are just not glamorous.
17) Amelia loves and fights passionately
18) Amelia is an inborn care-taker
19) She loves her siblings with a deep and powerful love
20) She is a candy fiend
21) Her beloved is Elephant, who has a middle name, last name, wardrobe, and idiosyncrasies that rival only her dramatic self! :)

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Gabriel's 21 factoids

It told you that I was going to use the ideas I did with Elise with my other kids...I loved the 21 annual factoid list and decided to do each one.

Here is Gabriel:

1) Gabriel prefers his name to be whole with adults and at home. But goes by Gabe at school, because he is sick of being called Gabrielle.

2) Gabriel tends to work better when he's had projects or chores or exercised...I've only just figured this out...and I'm going to utilize it. It's like he "gets on a roll".

3) He is disinclined to wear winter clothes. Sleeves and jackets annoy him.

4) He loves mythological type stories. Percy Jackson, Harry Potter, and super heroes.

5) He reads in spurts. Constantly, and then it's like pulling teeth...I think it falls under the #2 item, too.

6) He has grown so much that he is wanting to check his height or hand size against mine every few hours. It is SO annoying. I'll be trying to cook and he'll ask if he's taller and try to measure...even when he checked that morning...BUT he is only like two inches shorter...he's 5'6".

7) Gabriel loves pasta and asked if he could move to Italy. I told him Americanized Italian is probably better, because there is more cheese. He wants to go anyway. For the food.

8) Gabriel makes a bigger mess in his bathroom than I can wrap my brain around...DAILY! And he doesn't see it...it's crazy!!

9) Gabriel has an amazing ear for music. He can fake knowing how to play the piano at the drop of a hat. He can play some songs, really well...Coldplay...and can pick out others very quickly, but cannot yet read music. He is excellent with Percussion at school band, as well.

10) He loves his sisters more than anything, despite an in born need to harass them all day.

11) He loves skanky cheap candy that nobody else will eat.

12) He would choose fruit over candy any moment in the week.

13) He is my only child with my brown eyes. And if genetics continue, before he completes puberty, his eyes will go to a hazel green/brown.

14) Gabriel is currently wearing the jeans size I wore when I got pregnant with him...

15) Gabriel yells and screams at video games, G-rated racing games...and I usually have to cut him off...so he doesn't give himself an aneurysm.

16) Gabriel still believes that if his shirt actually fits in his arm pits, it is too small. Because for so many years, I have bought big so he won't out grow it before the season is over!!

17) He likes the idea of cheering for sports teams and enjoys wearing their paraphernalia, but has yet to watch an entire game.

18) Was diagnosed with Reactive Airway Disease and has more ear infections than I can even count.

19) He has been to urgent care and emergency rooms more often than any of his sisters combined. Including Elise.

20) He was my only NICU baby, at a whopping 7lbs 12oz.

21) I am SO thankful that he is my boy. He has eased me into every parenting stage and I am incredibly thankful for his mild personality...even when it makes me nuts.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Okay, I'm Back!!

Wow. I just want to say how hard it is to commit to writing EVERY SINGLE DAY! Sometimes I don't want to write. Sometimes I am tired. Sometimes I can't write...and I stress over committing and doing what I said I would. By day 6, I there were no more inspired posts...just dragging myself along by the back of the neck, much like my life is many days.

Now back to normal writing. Sorta. Except now I am trying to get other people to be brilliant. It's an easier job, I only have to write other people's thoughts...which is cool...

If that would apply to you, I'd love to hear from you, too!

I feel like I've done a disservice to my other kids, so I decided to apply a few of the ideas that I had for Elise to them..but not today, today I approached about 30 people with the request of writing for my big November idea...and my fingers are twitching...

I did want to say that I've missed you and am looking forward to being a more balanced woman again...I have decided that being a hybrid mama has perks in it's balance...it keeps everything in perspective in it's own right...I don't get tunnelled down only one path...

So, few "Isms" to prove that I'm back:

Amelia: "Look how much taller Elise is now that that she ate all that macaroni!"
Elise: "Yes! So taller!!"

Amelia: "See how tall my legs are? Maybe I'll get married soon."

Amelia: "I wasn't at your married day because I was with the doctor at the hospital, right?"
Me: "No, you didn't exist yet."
Amelia: "Well that's just not fair."

Amelia: On Disney Princesses on Ice "All that magic was like magic."

Amelia: "I'm sick, so I get purple medicine and then movies all day will make me better."

I promise legit "everybody" posts now.