Monday, October 4, 2010

R.I.P Thomas

This one is for me.

Amelia has officially put behind her one of my favorite baby mis-wordings.


She, wierd child that she is, adores hummus. She begs for it for 3 square meals from the moment that it enters the house.

She used to call it Thomas. "May I please have Thomas on my crackers?"

Then she started realising that it was wrong, and would request she is correcting herself... I'll miss eating Thomas for lunch. :(

When she started remembering to correct herself, she renamed one of her Sunday School classmates, too.

"I played with Aubrey and Calin and Thomas...I mean Hummus..." *giggle*


I guess it would have been wierd to go to middle school like that, but it was fun while it lasted...



  1. We still use all the cute little "words" our children once used. My son is 31, daughter is 25. They continue to warm our hearts!

  2. Claire adores hummus too. Even when she was refusing everything but her bottle, she would at least consider a bite or two of hummus.

    I love that she renamed her Sunday school classmate too!