Sunday, September 12, 2010

National Day of Encouragement

Guess what today is? It is the National Day of Encouragement. Wikipedia confirms it, and Let' tells that it was originated by some high schoolers that felt like discouragement was the single root of most problems. They banded together and made it a state day in 2007 for Arkansas and then George W. Bush later signed it as a national day.

I personally tend to agree with it being the root of many problems and I read about it at a friend's blog...and REALLY regret that I didn't know about it before I would have REALLY liked to send notes on to a few people...

BUT, I dare you to send an email or go ahead and be late and send out something tomorrow to encourage someone you love or a thank you to someone who has helped you through a dark time or two...whether they knew it or not!

I'm marking this day on my calendar for next year and I hope you will too...

And another challenge.

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