Saturday, September 25, 2010

Look Like Me?

Ethan is convinced that the only grandchildren that will carry on his family name will not look like him. Ethan is convinced that his grandchildren will be of some mixed heritage...and they will not be carrying on the light eyes that are in our family...No green, no blue, only chocolate.

Gabriel doesn't see skin color. At all. Most of Gabriel's friends will not be checking "Caucasian" on the ancestry portion of their performance testing. Which would not be surprising if we lived in say, Miami, but in our area of Georgia, that's really saying something. We have very few minorities here, and so proportionally, he should only have 10% minority friends if you went by the law of averages...but Gabriel's friends are Indian (both kinds!), Asian, Latino, African American, bizarre mixes like African and German...he has a few very snowy Georgians, but statistically, that is more the 10% portion...

When you ask him about new friends, he describes them in terms of what they do, how tall they are, what they talk about...he has never once told us of their skin color...once or twice, he spelled their names...but I have never been sure who I was looking for at a school function. And times come when I am shocked to see a child with "white" skin.

I've met his friends and spent time with them, and they are really good kids! They are the ones that are still sweet and polite, even in 7th grade. I genuinely enjoy talking to them, they have creative and enjoyable minds. They are fun to talk to and great fun to watch interact...They are a pleasure.

I don't often talk about Gabriel on this blog, but he is growing into a person I love spending time with. Oh, don't get me wrong, there are bumpy evenings, ones that make me crazy and wonder how much longer til I get to be an empty-nester...but over all, I really love spending time with him...

He is a sweet boy. Whatever immature choices that he may make in school, that does not extend to his friends. He doesn't take the easy way, he sees with his heart his kindred spirits...and I am thankful for it.

My grandchildren may have beautiful dusky skin with their daddy's chocolate eyes, but I believe that they could not help but have the familial characteristic of treasuring their friends...holding on through thick and thin...and trekking against the expected...It is fun, and proof that skin is nothing but something to hold your bones in. :)

I don't know what he'll do with his life, but I know that he will make the right choice. I also know that he will enjoy it no matter what, because of the company he keeps!


  1. WOW! Gabriel is a blessed child to have a mama who believes in him, who encourages him, above all, who prays for him. "We are witnesses," and we pray with you and for you! Above all, we pray that "the company he keeps" will nudge him ever closer to the only True and Faithful Friend - God Himself!

  2. This reminds me of one of my proudest moments as a southern mama. Nikki came home from school when she was 6 and asked me if we were black. After I explained what the different races were she became very upset that we are actually called white because our skin is really more peachy.
    She never describes a kid by race either, but will occasionally tell me what country their family is from.

  3. Gabriel is a lot like his momma, a true friend.