Wednesday, September 29, 2010


I don't feel great. I am not officially sick, but I have that not-myself-I-might-be-getting-bad-sick-soon feeling...But I've been dragging myself about because I have to...and to Amelia there is only one way of being sick. Fever and vomitting.

This morning in the car:
"Mommy, are you still sick?"
"Are you going to throw up?"
"I surely hope not."
"Well, if you do, then Daddy will say, 'What did you do to the car?!?!?!'"

When I called and told Ethan, he assured me that he would care more about me than the car. FWhew! :)


  1. "do you have the throw up sick" is Sophie question when she hears any one of us is sick.

  2. Amelia's so observant! She's got men figured out I think! I'm pretty sure that, while Malcolm would be concerned about me, he'd be asking me why I did that in the car too! Hope you feel better soon!