Monday, August 23, 2010


I had every intention of becoming a missionary. Preferably international. I really felt like I had a call. And then I had several tweaks to my life.

Now more than 12 years later, I found myself wondering how I could have mis-read my "calling" so completely. And I feel like I now have some answers...

I still am called to be a missionary.

I am called to tell my kids about God's Love and the salvation He offers.

If you could look back over your life and put your finger on your input that God used to save someone...even if you weren't The One Who Prayed The Prayer with them, wouldn't you look at that thread that got woven into the master plan, and say wow...God used me to help save them...WOW!

Yet, as parents, especially as stay-at-home-mothers, we apologize that we don't witness to strangers at the Kroger or Tanzania...while we probably ought to do that as well, the impact that we can have on our own kids should be embraced! What a mission field!!

I am called to support new Christians!

As missionaries, part of their job is to support and connect new converts...what do you think you ought to be doing in church?? Shouldn't we be talking to new members and visitors? Why do we think they've come to church? Shouldn't it be a place of family? Another mission field!!

I am called to reach out to those hurting/struggling/searching!

Missionaries often use their jobs or their unique experiences to reach out to those hurting, searching, struggling...look at your family, your church, your co-workers, or in my own experience, new parents with babies/kids with special needs or diagnosed with cancer!

I am called to challenge/pray for/reach out to good people that we live with day-to-day!

I have a very dear friend who attended a Christian school daily, a strong church weekly, and had many Christian friends...many of which, including myself, assumed that she was a Christian...but, no, she wasn't...I have had the pleasure of talking to her again, and she shared with me her good news...and I wasn't really surprised. It hit me really hard, that it DIDN'T surprise me and I have no recollection of asking her.... what if she had slipped through the cracks due to assumptions!?!?! Thankfully, she never slipped through God's cracks, He knew, loved her, and saved her...but we do a disservice to her? Did we forget to love her/ask her in a search to find the blatantly "unsaved"?

We should take advantage of any mission opportunity...we should not miss those mission fields in our own paths...we should not look for the grand opportunities at the expense of the the daily opportunities with those we know and love.

We are on the mission field. 24/7. I didn't miss my calling due to choices in my life. I just misunderstood where the Mission Field is... It doesn't have to be Downtown, Across the Country, or Outside of Our Home Country...It has to be in our own homes, with our friends, with the opportunities that our days afford us...we simply never leave it...The circle is never too small or too large...

So. This time I'm listening, Lord...I get me again...


  1. Sounds pretty "reformed" to me :D Remember all the sermons/lessons on "you ARE my witnesses" - not something we DO but something we ARE! I believe God sweetest gift is to be God's "witness" to the children God has given us . . . "setting signposts" for those who come after us. . . "speak(ing) life not death" . . . My favorite song of all time is "May those who come behind us find us faithful" - SUCH a privilege. No faking this Christian "witness" when our children witness us 24/7, huh?! A scary and rich challenge - the only way to do it is "abiding" - walking with Him! How blessed YOU are and the little ones God has given you to whom you "witness" His love!
    I delight with you and pray with you, dearest daughter ! !

  2. I really relate to your post. I have two older girls and raised them on my own much of their life as a single mom. I taught them the Lord as we lived and survived. After getting remarried to a wonderful Christian man and then pregnant with our first son; the reality of the responsibility I had in raising a man of God hit me. I guess it was so easy to just relate the girls to me. Now as I am a mother of 4 I am intentionally instilling the word of God and His decrees in them. It is a long term mission with life long effects for those we love. We do serve in the most amazing mission field as mothers.