Saturday, August 7, 2010


Apparently she used "air quotes" for the first time this week with my was used with "my mama said"...complete with a head tilt and hip cock...I would have paid money to see it is, I can only giggle at the thought...and imagine it! :)

Overheard her singing: "I have a dream! It's my dream! GO GET YOUR OWN!" Disney and Barbie would be so proud.

Told me one morning: "Today, I am not Amelia. Today I will be Sass!"

When asked where we went: "We went to Nemo's place!" The aquarium was being referenced, I got all tickled with the idea that we were hanging at Nemo's apartment...

When asked how old she was: "I'm four. For NOW!" After all you don't want someone to get the wrong impression.



  1. this made my day!! i laughed so hard, i esp. love the first one, air quotes and "my mamma said!" she is too much!

  2. Too sweet! I wish you would post pictures, but I understand why you don't. She sounds like a little pistol! :-)