Monday, July 12, 2010

Purple Giggles

This is NOT the deep blog update from my lovely now-four-year-old's birthday...these are the giggles and things I learned this weekend.)

1) Some people just don't like purple food. They just don't.

2) Toddlers love purple food.

3) Slip-n-Slides are MUCH cheaper than I anticipated! ($5!)

4) I should have bought a Slip-n-Slide at the beginning of the summer (See #3)

5) Apparently Ice Cream Salt is integral to the making of ice cream

6) Table Salt CANNOT be substituted for Ice Cream Salt (see #5)

7) If you don't have #5, and try #6, the best you can hope for is very cold ice cream milk.

8) If you got an energy saver refrigerator, and your ice maker is not making enough ice...the trouble shooter list in your manual on it responds "Ask not your ice maker to make more ice...ask yourself if you should really be using that much ice!" (Well, I took a little liberty, but the sentiment is the same!)

9) We are the rednecks our neighbors feared...exemplified by the plastic pool, blow up pool, Slip-n-Slides and 20 half-naked kids racing around...

10) It is the simple things that are the best fun! This was a Great Party! :)


  1. sounds like a fun weekend! tell me where you get a Slip-n-Slide for $5???

  2. 'Twas grand fun! Sweet memories in the making - purple food 'n all!