Friday, June 25, 2010

Saved by the Crown

Amelia was saved from another visit to the urgent care last night by her cheap, plastic princess crown.

Really! It was crazy! God literally used a dollar to save us $164.37 (I know this, because it is what we paid for the chin visit.) AND lots of pain and blood and crying!

Amelia came racing to supper again last night. It was spaghetti. (Maybe I'll feed her only what she drags her feet to.) We were outside on the deck and She Tripped, and I saw it happen in slow motion! She went down, and as she did, I realized she was going to hit her head on the brick step edge! Yup, sure enough, that is EXACTLY what happened! I grabbed her up so fast and started looking for the gash. No blood, but as my dad pointed out, that is not necessarily proof of no injury. Sometimes it takes a then I look again for the white angry hole...still nothing! SO I grab her hairline and look it over! STILL nothing! I then move her crown fearing that it had jammed and tore her head open...and I see tiny granule looking things IN HER HEAD. I automatically assume that this is the crumbles of brick. I bring her in, again, expecting blood to start coming. I take off her crown and brush at the granules...I ended up having to stratch them out one by one...and as I do this, I realize they are shiney, and that there is no other damage visible! I further realize that there are only four granules and the bite marks caused by them are perfectly spaced!

She had fallen on to the step EXACTLY on her crown frame. The teeth in the crown to keep it placed in her hair, had broken off in her scalp, and the crown had absorbed the entire impact!!!! So, she has bite mark of 4 tiny holes and her head is a little tender. That's it!!!

God the King protected his princess with her crown. Cool, huh? :)


  1. His precious princess, indeed! "We are witnesses" to the faithful King's hand! So thankful for His faithful goodness!

  2. just another reason for a princess to ALWAYS wear her crown! Glad she came out ok!

  3. How special! God works in mysterious ways! Love it!