Sunday, June 20, 2010

Dandelion Babies

My poor girls all got my hair. Gabriel got Ethan's thick and smooth hair. It is beautiful, and it behaves.

My hair gets fuzzy and I get a weird halo of broken curly baby looks like a dandelion coronet. And rather than the beautiful princess hair they could have been blessed with, the girls all have that crazy crown of fuzz, too. I do feel for them...especially since I have to fight with it daily, too.

I was giving it some thought the other day while my internet was down...and started thinking about dandelions.

They are my favorite flower. Honest. Very favorite one. I like the little yellow ones. I like the funny green pods they curl into for the nights. I like the fuzzy white ones in the day. I like the tiny parasols that the seeds make floating away making wishes... I love the glowing halos in the sunset. I adore the negative of the flower skeleton against the color of the dusk.

But ask just about anyone else, and they are weeds to be pulled out...but I just wanted to say, I believe that they are flowers for those who still appreciate the tiny things...the simple...the pure. Dandelions are jewels for children. Dandelions are crowns for girls still believing they are princesses. They are sustenance for action figures. Dye for little boys. Unending opportunities and wishes for children.

Dandelions are hope. Dandelions are prayers.

Dandelions are the flower of the daily joys. Dandelions are daily health, they are books and quiet moments, they are sunshine and umbrellas, they are no hospital visits, they are playing at home, and coloring pages and cleaning cars. They are doughnuts when you weren't expecting them. Hot chocolate on surprise snow days. They are Popsicles on hot summer evenings. Dandelions are everyday life...and God's everyday miracles.

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