Monday, June 21, 2010

Daddy's Super-Hero Cape

I posted for my father on Father's Day...and really anguished on what exactly to post on Ethan. I try to use my blog for stuff on the kids, and keep private private. He doesn't much like being the star...

BUT, as Father's Day is about celebrating Fatherhood, I had really wanted to shake out his super-hero cape for all to see. So this is the one thing I decided to share...

Ethan loves his kids. Loves having them around. Loves them all thundering through the house. Loves the crowd hanging out in the bathroom watching him shave. Loves them hanging around while he does stuff he has to...He drags Gabriel everywhere, and looks forward to dragging the girls around, too.

Elise has STUFF. There is no denying that. I am okay with most of it. The physical stuff can be exhausting, but is handle-able. I have teased Ethan that if I left him in charge of all her medical stuff, it would be akin to leaving a city boy out in the Sahara and asking him to get home...he agreed, and I made him a "cheater" slip to keep in his wallet if the unthinkable ever happened. Behaviorally, she is like a giant 2 or 3 year old. She is doing better, but that's just fact.

But, the thing I struggle most with in conjuction with Elise, is when little kids make their public confessions of faith or get baptized. (Please understand that I rejoice with them and their parents!) When I realize that they are the same age or younger as Elise and they "get" God, I cry. And cry. And cry. I have not figured out how not to. I was never a cry-er. I never cried until Elise. And now I cry through hymns, prayers, Bible verses. I think it is because God used Elise to make me vulnerable, and open to his prodding...I think that may have been a tiny part of his plan in using Elise...

Ethan's super-hero cape is this: He truly believes that Elise gets God. She prays. She really does and we can't understand a word. She prays and prays and prays. Maybe she is praying in "tongues". I am sad that we don't know what's going on in her little heart or head...and I worry that she does not understand God's grace. And I lament not being able to talk to her about all that God has done, that I cannot answer questions...But Ethan is confident that Jesus is who is taking care of that part of her spiritual life...And says He will do a MUCH better job than us anyway! I am thankful of this confidence. I am hanging on the coat-tails of this faith. And I appreciate the spiritual maturity it takes to have that faith and be confident in that hope.


  1. What a fitting tribute to Ethan on Father's Day! I love these little visits into your heart, Tiffany. You are a very special mom and daughter-in-law and we are very thankful that Ethan has you in his life. I have to say that I feel exactly the same about Jesus communicating directly with our Elise and that she will and does "get" God in a way that none of us ever could. We have known from her birth that she is a gift from heaven--given to parents and extended family who would love and nurture her no matter what her abilities proved to be. Her purity of love is a reminder to all of us what God's love is like--unconditional. Her unadulterated joy in living is contagious! She is indeed, a precious gift in our lives, as are her parents and siblings.


  2. This reflection brings to my mind eye Elise' first response upon Charlotte's arrival home from the hospital. The first thing she did was walk over to that baby, clasp her hands together and start praying. She prayed long and fervently! She maybe "got it" more than the rest of us. . . For isn't that a beautiful response - gathering around a new baby to pray a blessing over her?

    Yes, that little girl blesses us - and maybe even leads the way. And yes, our hearts break; and yes, we long for the day when all is made whole and new . . . and yes, we trust that God ALWAYS knows what He's doing. A microcosm of life and reminders of our utter dependence on Him - and our own inadequacy. May it be so!

    Thank you, Dearest Daughter, for blessing us with your sweet reflections - and always nudging our hearts and souls closer to God.