Friday, June 25, 2010

Saved by the Crown

Amelia was saved from another visit to the urgent care last night by her cheap, plastic princess crown.

Really! It was crazy! God literally used a dollar to save us $164.37 (I know this, because it is what we paid for the chin visit.) AND lots of pain and blood and crying!

Amelia came racing to supper again last night. It was spaghetti. (Maybe I'll feed her only what she drags her feet to.) We were outside on the deck and She Tripped, and I saw it happen in slow motion! She went down, and as she did, I realized she was going to hit her head on the brick step edge! Yup, sure enough, that is EXACTLY what happened! I grabbed her up so fast and started looking for the gash. No blood, but as my dad pointed out, that is not necessarily proof of no injury. Sometimes it takes a then I look again for the white angry hole...still nothing! SO I grab her hairline and look it over! STILL nothing! I then move her crown fearing that it had jammed and tore her head open...and I see tiny granule looking things IN HER HEAD. I automatically assume that this is the crumbles of brick. I bring her in, again, expecting blood to start coming. I take off her crown and brush at the granules...I ended up having to stratch them out one by one...and as I do this, I realize they are shiney, and that there is no other damage visible! I further realize that there are only four granules and the bite marks caused by them are perfectly spaced!

She had fallen on to the step EXACTLY on her crown frame. The teeth in the crown to keep it placed in her hair, had broken off in her scalp, and the crown had absorbed the entire impact!!!! So, she has bite mark of 4 tiny holes and her head is a little tender. That's it!!!

God the King protected his princess with her crown. Cool, huh? :)

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Amelia-isms June

"Pocohantas is not a fox, she's a two-man!" (Human!) On why Pocohantas was not in the animated Robin Hood.

"I thought you said I could have a twirly pony-tail! Where is the rest of it? It's just tiny. All my other friends in dance class had big pony twirls!" On why her braids weren't very thick after being braided. (Poor baby has fine hair!)

We went into a natural and vitamin store...the essential oils were a bit strong...and Amelia started yelping about how "all the smelling" hurt her nose! I told her to go ahead and plug her nose. When I looked over, she had both pointer fingers up her the middle knuckles. I asked her what she was doing, she said, very innocently, "plugging up her nose"! I really didn't realize that pinching your nose against odors was a taught skill! :)

Monday, June 21, 2010

I am H-A-P-P-Y!

We had VBS this week. I was a "snack chick". We bagged snacks and handed them out. It was awesome. I loved it. I will be signing up again.

I was not Elise's shadow. I always worry. She was single-handedly responsible for a little girl refusing to come back to VBS a few years ago. She hit her. But this year's shadows were wonderful. They kept her safe, they kept her from running away, and they kept her from running anyone else off. They let her "lead" music once or twice from what I understand...they took mountains of pictures. They presented me with those pictures, developed, on Friday...and I teared up, and I still cannot look through them without tears in my eyes.

Friday night was the big program, and we were late as usual. But the girls raced up to go sing. Amelia was front and center. Everybody was singing and signing all the actions to the songs! But not Amelia. She was overcome with an inability to sing...or smile...and sat, while everyone else around her, ironically, stood, sang, and signed "I am h-a-p-p-y...", sucking her thumb and scowling! There was nothing to do but laugh over it, and hope that next year might be better...or that she would at least be in the back! :)

Elise on the other hand was overcome with a desperate desire to get to the front and sing, sign, and smile...AND dance! She was such great fun to watch. The joy oozing from her pores was contagious and gave my heart peace, that she does know God better than we think! :)

Daddy's Super-Hero Cape

I posted for my father on Father's Day...and really anguished on what exactly to post on Ethan. I try to use my blog for stuff on the kids, and keep private private. He doesn't much like being the star...

BUT, as Father's Day is about celebrating Fatherhood, I had really wanted to shake out his super-hero cape for all to see. So this is the one thing I decided to share...

Ethan loves his kids. Loves having them around. Loves them all thundering through the house. Loves the crowd hanging out in the bathroom watching him shave. Loves them hanging around while he does stuff he has to...He drags Gabriel everywhere, and looks forward to dragging the girls around, too.

Elise has STUFF. There is no denying that. I am okay with most of it. The physical stuff can be exhausting, but is handle-able. I have teased Ethan that if I left him in charge of all her medical stuff, it would be akin to leaving a city boy out in the Sahara and asking him to get home...he agreed, and I made him a "cheater" slip to keep in his wallet if the unthinkable ever happened. Behaviorally, she is like a giant 2 or 3 year old. She is doing better, but that's just fact.

But, the thing I struggle most with in conjuction with Elise, is when little kids make their public confessions of faith or get baptized. (Please understand that I rejoice with them and their parents!) When I realize that they are the same age or younger as Elise and they "get" God, I cry. And cry. And cry. I have not figured out how not to. I was never a cry-er. I never cried until Elise. And now I cry through hymns, prayers, Bible verses. I think it is because God used Elise to make me vulnerable, and open to his prodding...I think that may have been a tiny part of his plan in using Elise...

Ethan's super-hero cape is this: He truly believes that Elise gets God. She prays. She really does and we can't understand a word. She prays and prays and prays. Maybe she is praying in "tongues". I am sad that we don't know what's going on in her little heart or head...and I worry that she does not understand God's grace. And I lament not being able to talk to her about all that God has done, that I cannot answer questions...But Ethan is confident that Jesus is who is taking care of that part of her spiritual life...And says He will do a MUCH better job than us anyway! I am thankful of this confidence. I am hanging on the coat-tails of this faith. And I appreciate the spiritual maturity it takes to have that faith and be confident in that hope.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Dandelion Babies

My poor girls all got my hair. Gabriel got Ethan's thick and smooth hair. It is beautiful, and it behaves.

My hair gets fuzzy and I get a weird halo of broken curly baby looks like a dandelion coronet. And rather than the beautiful princess hair they could have been blessed with, the girls all have that crazy crown of fuzz, too. I do feel for them...especially since I have to fight with it daily, too.

I was giving it some thought the other day while my internet was down...and started thinking about dandelions.

They are my favorite flower. Honest. Very favorite one. I like the little yellow ones. I like the funny green pods they curl into for the nights. I like the fuzzy white ones in the day. I like the tiny parasols that the seeds make floating away making wishes... I love the glowing halos in the sunset. I adore the negative of the flower skeleton against the color of the dusk.

But ask just about anyone else, and they are weeds to be pulled out...but I just wanted to say, I believe that they are flowers for those who still appreciate the tiny things...the simple...the pure. Dandelions are jewels for children. Dandelions are crowns for girls still believing they are princesses. They are sustenance for action figures. Dye for little boys. Unending opportunities and wishes for children.

Dandelions are hope. Dandelions are prayers.

Dandelions are the flower of the daily joys. Dandelions are daily health, they are books and quiet moments, they are sunshine and umbrellas, they are no hospital visits, they are playing at home, and coloring pages and cleaning cars. They are doughnuts when you weren't expecting them. Hot chocolate on surprise snow days. They are Popsicles on hot summer evenings. Dandelions are everyday life...and God's everyday miracles.

Father's Day

My Daddy read, recited, and sang these to me and my brother as we were growing up. He prayed over us. He blessed us with his love.

This is something that I am stealing from myself from last year...because I am afraid that I cannot top it. Pure, unadulterated truth, really cannot be improved upon.

Dear Daddy~

Happy Father's Day! I appreciate you. I am thankful for my childhood. I am thankful for how you treat me in my adulthood!

Thank you for knowing a little of EVERYTHING! Thank you for asking questions to make me grow curious. Thank you for answering questions to quench that curiousity!

Thank you for the boat, "bears" in parks, and the nights reading. Thank you for stories of when you were little. Thank you for letting Mama stay home with us. Thank you for being excited yo see us when we visited you at work.

Thank you for an incredible musical education. Thank you for Peter, Paul, and Mary. Thank you for Bach. Thank you for Alan Parson's Project. Thank you for Allison Kraus. Thank you for Time Life Music 1954-1969...

Thank you for Garrison Keillor. Thank you for The Shadow. Thank you for Mrs. Pollifax. Thank you for Tom Bodett.

Thank you for letting me run with you when I was 6 to the horse farm. Thank you for letting me run with you when I was 13 at the Union Terminal Run. Thank you for buying me running shoes. Thank you for buying me bikes. Thank you for the "roller rink" in the garage. Thank you for buying rollerblades! Thank you for encouraging me in swimming.

Thank you for the hours in the library. Thank you for paying my overdue book fines.

Thank you for sending me to King. Thank you for letting me escape from King. Thank you for sending me to UTC. Thank you for letting me change my major 2 weeks before my junior year and not getting angry.

Thank you for listening calmly when we told you about Gabriel. Thank you for helping us get through school. Thank you for helping us get our feet under us.

Thank you for loving Elise for who she is. Thank you for never losing hope in all her medical trials. Thank you for watching Gabriel during them. Thank you for providing a haven for him through that time. Thank you for expecting the best. Thank you for spanking Elise and expecting her to behave. And loving her even when she doesn't. Thank you for sacrificing your cat. :)

Thank you for watching my kids...all of them...for me to run errands and date my husband. Thank for getting a boat down here to be with me and my family. Thank you for moving docks and paying more to be closer. Thank you for paying inflated dock fees to stay close to us. Thank you for buying chips and pink hot dogs for us to eat on our visits. Thank you for getting fishing nets for Gabriel. Thank you for making memories with my kids.

Thank you for times with my little girls and all the memories that you will make with them.

Thank you for always being there for me as a cove that I could anchor in rough winds. Thank you for your time.

Happy Father's Day! Thank you for being a happy father! Thank you for being my daddy! Thank you for being an invested grandfather. Thank you for being a good father-in-law.

Thank you for listening to God and allowing him to shape you beyond your past. Thank you for being a father easy to honor.