Tuesday, May 11, 2010


I just went and voted. Special election here in Forsyth. Make sure you go vote!

As I can't go anywhere without a few in tow, of course I had Amelia and Charlotte. However, I am glad that this is one thing that I can't dodge taking my kids to. Voting is like church. You do it, whether you like it or not, and your kids do it and carry on the responsibility...because they saw that it was important.

As I always say, you don't get to complain if you don't vote or get involved!

So, I digress...we went and voted. Amelia always wants to know know what we are going to do and why. So I tell her that we are going to go vote.

A: "What's 'bote'?"
me: "Voting is where you get to choose who's in charge of you."
A: "Really? Why?"
me: "You get to pick who's in charge of you, so you want to choose people who are nice, who believe like you, and who won't take your stuff."

So we go into the precinct. (Before I go on, you really need to know, that she also goes everywhere with her Elephant an a fully stocked purse.) We go in, and we get the usual awe-ing over the little girls while I fill out the little paper confirming that I am me. They ask for my driver's license, Amelia throws down her old YMCA card as I give my license...they coo and tell her she can vote in a few years...she scowls and stomps a little. I go over to the machine with the little voting card. Amelia follows. I vote and turn to see her trying to jam her Y card into the next voting machine...

me: "Amelia, baby, you'll gum up the machine! Stop!"
A: "But I've GOT to vote! I don't somebody to take my stuff!!!"

Who says 3 year olds don't listen or understand?? :)

(Due to a internet hiatus, I was unable to post this on time...but it was too fun not to make sure it went up!)

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  1. this made us laugh so hard (i Had to share it w/ W)!