Friday, May 21, 2010

stitch in time

Amelia got stiches last night.

Really, as I have four kids, the odds were due for SOMEBODY to get stitches or break a bone. Somehow, this is the first. I don't know that I count surgery...and the number of stiches that Elise has received for that reason...well, I lost count a LONG time ago...

Gabriel has always been a somewhat cautious kid. He doesn't like to hurt. I always just took it as a by-product of fun, but I never ended up with stiches, I was an abrasion kind of girl. Although, there was a single incident, I probably should have. (Suffice it to say, it involved a train track, a nerf gun, and a scalple....never expect childhood injuries to actually make sense!) ANYWAY, Gabriel doesn't like to hurt, so he usually decided against something before actual danger was invoked. I hope that this continues into young adulthood.

Elise is a express train, and I really believed the first stiches would be her, but she has a force field. She is the kid you cringe as you watch and truly believe that you will be calling 911 in the next second, but always JUST misses disaster!

Amelia falls CONSTANTLY!!! She falls and skins her knees, and then falls and skins her knees worse, tearing THROUGH the bandaid! It is crazy! So, in the last couple of years, I've been expecting the urgent care jaunt. Ethan thinks that she needs ballet lessons as a therapy treatment or medical intervention to help offset her lack of grace or lack of body awareness, or whatever it is! She is looking forward to her first dance class which will be the first full week in June. She is SO excited, as she is a massive fan of Angelina Ballerina!

Charlotte takes the falls very stoically. She rarely cries when she falls. There is no drama. She just gets up and keeps at whatever she was trying for. She really may be our most determined child. I'm curious to see how she grows up!

So, anyway, Amelia was bolting in from the living room for pizza when she slipped and fell. She hit the bottom of her chin on the 3 SQUARE FEET of hardwoods that we have. I am ashamed to say, that I didn't think that anything had happened out of the ordinary. I didn't run to check right away....but, when she didn't come in for the ceremonial healing kisses, I went to see. It took a bit to see how much damage had been done, but I was pretty sure that we'd need stiches. I called the nurse on call at our pediatrician, just to confirm. She wanted me to take her to the ugent care immediately, but Gabriel had his end of the year band concert, and that is what he works for ALL YEAR. I was really torn, and ended up cleaning her cut, putting a gob of polysporin on it, and covering it with a massive bandage. We got to see Gabriel perform! Turns out, when we got to the urgent care, they did the same exact thing...I was so proud of myself. All those volunteer hours at the hospital when I expected to go into the medical field paid off! :)

We are in the process of doing paperwork for a new home. It is almost ENTIRELY hardwoods. I am really, really hoping that it was just a coincidence...and that when (if) we move this doesn't become a regular thing! :)


  1. Really, she's the first? That's amazing. I love what you said about Elise must have a force field. That's funny.

    Well, I hope she feels better and heals up fast.

  2. Michael Paul would like to comment:

    "I remember the scalpel and the train tracks, but what's with the nurf gun? I don't remember its roll in the incident."

  3. The nerf gun shot foam balls, and that's what "caught" the scalpel...I was picking up the "ammo" and it got hooked somehow and I dragged it up my leg!

  4. Our first set of stitches was 6 years into parenting when my 6 yr old daughter was trying to beat her 4 yr old brother to Sunday School and shoved him into the door frame of his classroom. Split his head, 9 stitches, right down the middle of his forehead. We haven't had any official ones since, but we have had a few sets of butterfly bandaids that the Dr. looked at later and said they needed stitches, but the scar was cool. I'm too cheap to pay an ER visit for 1 to 2 stitches on something I can "butterfly" for a few days. :)

  5. Ah, yes! Scars mark our passages. Sometimes they are visible and sometimes not. . . but always packed with memories! I delight in hearing about all your happy ones - and yes, we parents pray protection and for lots of grace!