Friday, May 21, 2010

stitch in time

Amelia got stiches last night.

Really, as I have four kids, the odds were due for SOMEBODY to get stitches or break a bone. Somehow, this is the first. I don't know that I count surgery...and the number of stiches that Elise has received for that reason...well, I lost count a LONG time ago...

Gabriel has always been a somewhat cautious kid. He doesn't like to hurt. I always just took it as a by-product of fun, but I never ended up with stiches, I was an abrasion kind of girl. Although, there was a single incident, I probably should have. (Suffice it to say, it involved a train track, a nerf gun, and a scalple....never expect childhood injuries to actually make sense!) ANYWAY, Gabriel doesn't like to hurt, so he usually decided against something before actual danger was invoked. I hope that this continues into young adulthood.

Elise is a express train, and I really believed the first stiches would be her, but she has a force field. She is the kid you cringe as you watch and truly believe that you will be calling 911 in the next second, but always JUST misses disaster!

Amelia falls CONSTANTLY!!! She falls and skins her knees, and then falls and skins her knees worse, tearing THROUGH the bandaid! It is crazy! So, in the last couple of years, I've been expecting the urgent care jaunt. Ethan thinks that she needs ballet lessons as a therapy treatment or medical intervention to help offset her lack of grace or lack of body awareness, or whatever it is! She is looking forward to her first dance class which will be the first full week in June. She is SO excited, as she is a massive fan of Angelina Ballerina!

Charlotte takes the falls very stoically. She rarely cries when she falls. There is no drama. She just gets up and keeps at whatever she was trying for. She really may be our most determined child. I'm curious to see how she grows up!

So, anyway, Amelia was bolting in from the living room for pizza when she slipped and fell. She hit the bottom of her chin on the 3 SQUARE FEET of hardwoods that we have. I am ashamed to say, that I didn't think that anything had happened out of the ordinary. I didn't run to check right away....but, when she didn't come in for the ceremonial healing kisses, I went to see. It took a bit to see how much damage had been done, but I was pretty sure that we'd need stiches. I called the nurse on call at our pediatrician, just to confirm. She wanted me to take her to the ugent care immediately, but Gabriel had his end of the year band concert, and that is what he works for ALL YEAR. I was really torn, and ended up cleaning her cut, putting a gob of polysporin on it, and covering it with a massive bandage. We got to see Gabriel perform! Turns out, when we got to the urgent care, they did the same exact thing...I was so proud of myself. All those volunteer hours at the hospital when I expected to go into the medical field paid off! :)

We are in the process of doing paperwork for a new home. It is almost ENTIRELY hardwoods. I am really, really hoping that it was just a coincidence...and that when (if) we move this doesn't become a regular thing! :)

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


I just went and voted. Special election here in Forsyth. Make sure you go vote!

As I can't go anywhere without a few in tow, of course I had Amelia and Charlotte. However, I am glad that this is one thing that I can't dodge taking my kids to. Voting is like church. You do it, whether you like it or not, and your kids do it and carry on the responsibility...because they saw that it was important.

As I always say, you don't get to complain if you don't vote or get involved!

So, I digress...we went and voted. Amelia always wants to know know what we are going to do and why. So I tell her that we are going to go vote.

A: "What's 'bote'?"
me: "Voting is where you get to choose who's in charge of you."
A: "Really? Why?"
me: "You get to pick who's in charge of you, so you want to choose people who are nice, who believe like you, and who won't take your stuff."

So we go into the precinct. (Before I go on, you really need to know, that she also goes everywhere with her Elephant an a fully stocked purse.) We go in, and we get the usual awe-ing over the little girls while I fill out the little paper confirming that I am me. They ask for my driver's license, Amelia throws down her old YMCA card as I give my license...they coo and tell her she can vote in a few years...she scowls and stomps a little. I go over to the machine with the little voting card. Amelia follows. I vote and turn to see her trying to jam her Y card into the next voting machine...

me: "Amelia, baby, you'll gum up the machine! Stop!"
A: "But I've GOT to vote! I don't somebody to take my stuff!!!"

Who says 3 year olds don't listen or understand?? :)

(Due to a internet hiatus, I was unable to post this on time...but it was too fun not to make sure it went up!)

Sunday, May 9, 2010

I will do it DIFFERENTLY!

When you are growing up, you say over and over again: I will never say that! I will never do that....!

Then you have kids, and there are some things that you stand by...and we hope do it a little better...learning from other's mistakes...and then there are THOSE DAYS where words that you SWORE you would never say, slip from your lips...and you realize that your mother was right. RATS! And, furthermore, you realize, that she was not only right, but she was wise and insightful...and even more, you WANT TO BE JUST LIKE HER...and you sit horrified. Terrified, you wonder how much else you were wrong about? Just how much of an apology do you owe your mother?

I never wanted anything as much as I wanted to be a was (and still is!) a huge goal, and measure of success, of my life.

I will be a successful woman, if I can look back over my life and see that my children love God with a burning fervor. If my children want to bite the tongues out of their heads as MY words escape their mouths, and realize that I was listening to God the best that I could in my mortal body. When they are independent and passionate about their lives and goals...and love each other enough to support each other and keep secrets from me....and tell me when they think "I can handle it". But most of all, I will be a successful woman when I can look at my children and see the verses I claimed and prayers I prayed still tangled up on them as adults. I will be successful when I can see that I did not get in the way of God's plan for their lives...

Thank you to my mother, who said the words that I kick myself over...and realize their wisdom. Thank you to my mother who showed me how to pray. Who told me that parenting was bigger than me...that I am just the voice that begs God to parent in spite of me. That shared with me the secret that I am the one who is growing spiritually as my kids do the physical growing.

Happy Mother's Day!

Friday, May 7, 2010

My Superpower

I have a super power. Honest. I can read really, REALLY fast. It has been a blessing my entire life, until lately...

I can blow through 700 page books in a day...easy...have done it, and managed to feed my kids and make sure they are safe, too! I try to limit my reading so I can clean my house...and grocery shop.

The only problem with this gift, is that I have never HAD to put a book down and read it over the period of a week. Because it simply wasn't necessary.

Now that I am a mom, I really don't have the luxury of sitting a reading until I am done. There are people to be seen to, places to take/pick up those people, and a house to be cleaned. The necessity of reading for an hour and then returning to do it again two days later, is infuriating...and so I am reading more short stories, topical chapter books, and magazines...than I ever thought I would.

Life cuts into my reading time.

Reading is my drug of choice. I can escape the insanity that is my life...the little world in the books is controlled and resolves itself, unlike my life, where choices and the limbo caused by those choices, will hang unresolved for years...and in some cases, like Elise, there will probably never be resolution, no clear expectations...

I have quit reading books without resolution...and I refuse books that do not end up "happy"...My reponse to those who criticize is: "I have enough real life, in my real life."

I will read fiction and non-fiction...I am all about clear, concise reflections on life and theology.I thoroughly enjoy fiction that really isn't even based in real life...real thoughts and feelings in fantasy worlds and universes are just as much fun...and even more so because of their removal from the day to day....

I admit, that because it is so difficult to read something new in a sitting, I am reading some stuff over...and in some cases, over and over. I have discovered that some books/authors, I like what I discover in the micro brain sits and wallows in passages, wringing out thoughts and words that I may have missed....or simply wasn't mature enough to take in, in middle school. My favorites to re-read are Jane Austen, J.K. Rowling, and Louisa May Alcott...the WAYS things are described are a fabulous as the things that are being described!

Gabriel is a spurts. Sometimes it is like pulling teeth. Sometimes, he rips through books like me. I have tried to read stuff with him, so we can discuss it, for thoughtfulness on his part, and bonding (and screening) with him, for mine! It's like sharing a secret fort with club members. Recently, it came out in a discussion with his friends, that I read the Percy Jackson books and the Eragon books with him...his friends were shocked, and he glowed with pride in his mother...I was thankful that I had taken the time to share them with him!

Elise ADORES books. She will read books that have no pictures...she will look through magazines, books, and fliers in doctors' offices...she can't get enough!

Amelia is picky. She will only read books that have animals wearing I sat here thinking about her faves...that is the only uniting factor...Funny...

Charlotte likes to eat books. Fiber. Yum. I'm kidding. Sort of. Only in the last week has she started actually looking at the pictures...and finding it better than nibbling...hopefully, she won't take as long as Gabriel who also started as a snacker...for 2 years! We'll see, I guess.

I guess I'll have to keep reading and hope that my love and my superpower is passed down...the bonus is that I treasure reading...and will willingly read to and with my babies for longer than I'd really like to! :)