Monday, April 12, 2010

Diapers in the Summer

You all know how I feel about cloth diapers! I love 'em! Now is a chance to tell you how very much I love them in the summer!

When I was using disposables on my older kids, I always felt badly about how hot their little tushies must be in the heat of the very, VERY not breatheable they are! Now, in their very fluffy glory, I have yet more reasons to love cloth. They breathe! They come in such beautiful colors! You get to see their pretty, fat little legs as they kick or charge throughout the summer!

One of my favorite things about cloth diapers in the summer is the diaper clothesline!!! They are like little flags making you take time and notice how quickly your children are growing! Diaper laundry makes you take just a little longer and the sun lures you an earlier when life didn't rush by. Watching my daughter toddle around in her puffy diapers reminds me of the pictures I've seen at my parents' house of me and my brother...and reminds me to remember my own childhood. In the thought-provoking moments of pinning out my diapers, I reflect on many of my childhood moments that I have forgotten...the smell if dirt, the flowers, the bees buzzing, the familiar songs of birds...I have called to thank my mother for my happy childhood, on numerous occasions that were brought on by the extra 15 minutes that I don't take if I am trashing the "sposies".

When I take the time to remember what was important to me when I was little, I am a more aware mother. I realize that the moments treasured, are not able to be purchased at the store...although the shovels or sprinklers are...that the dirt that this generation seems to fear for its unsanitary properties is life-giving on so very many levels...

So, don't forget to take a minute, and remember...and listen...summer is very loud and full of joy! Especially when you chase a fluffy-bottomed, giggling toddler! :)


  1. "Sigh". . . It makes a mama's heart happy - sweet memories for the mamas, too! I'm SO thankful for those years of delights and leisure! "Twas a sweet life! Thank you for wanting to recreate some of them for your little ones!