Thursday, April 22, 2010

101 in 1001

101 in 1001. I found this on a blog I accidentally stumbled upon. The theory is that you make a list of 101 goals that you try to accomplish in 1001 days. They can be any kind of goals.

Practical Homemaking Goals:

1) Grocery shop from a planned menu to save money for at least a month...and then it will be so successful that it will naturally grow into a habit

2) Stick to a budget for at least 3 get in the habit...

3) Cook enough extra so can freeze we can have cheaper and healthier quickie meals...

4) Learn to cook a beef (or in our case deer) stroganoff from scratch.

5) Find at least 5 new recipes the kids will happily eat.

6) Set up a rotation of meals...

7) Set up a cleaning rotation...and stick to it for a month...

8) Set up some kind of kitchen organization system...for bills, laundry, and grocery lists

9) Set up day schedules

10) Try and stick with it for a month!

11) Figure out how to freeze meals without freezer burns... :)


12) Cut off cable

13) Set up after school activities for the girlies

14) Have healthy snacks "pre-packaged" for the kids to limit intake

15) Set up some good storage for craft/coloring supplies

16) Purge toys

17) Label stored kids clothes so can shop for younger girlies more easily.

18) Pare down to clothing girls will happily wear...donate rest

19) Reward Gabriel for reading and helping with the house

20) Set up chore chart!


22) Lose 5 lbs

23) Lose 5 more pounds (10 total)

24) Lose 5 more pounds (15 total)

25) Lose 5 more pounds (20 total)

26) Start back on Weight Watchers

27) Find a hair-cut I actually like

28) Go out by myself 3 times a month, so I don't have to hide in the bathroom to stay sane

29) Go to bed by 10:30 pm for 1 month

30) Work out 4 times a week for 1 month

31) Work out 5 times a week for 1 month

32) Wear make up 6 times a week

33) Do hair 5 times a week (No ponytails!)

34) Get a pedicure with no kids with me!!!


35) Figure out the recycling system of our trash collection service and actually do it!

36) Start composting and see if it is actually worth it! (so much of our food leftovers go to the dog!)

37) File all bills and tax deduction documentation monthly for the year! At least put them all in one place.

38) Trash the junk mail IMMEDIATELY!!

39) Organize Gift Bucket, with corresponding list

40) List hierarchy of needed house items, search accordingly

41) Set up a clean-up system between upstairs and down

42) Install raised bed garden

43) Set up a Netflix/Library storage area...return said items to that place!

44) Throw away all gift bags!!! All!! Purge!!!!

45) Get rid off all Knick-knacks..keep decorations (differentiate)


46) Save a limited number of gift bags so they don't take over.
47) Remember to label the packing boxes!
48) Learn how to needle felt
49) Learn how to knit
50) Learn how to make pillowcase dresses
51) DON'T ALLOW excess crap into the house!!
52) Teach organizational skills to the kids
53) Encourage organizational skills to the kids
54) REWARD organizational skills to the kids
55) ...I think this is going to be a list in progress! I'll get back on this one...this list is under construction!

101) Put $1 away for each task completed, to be spent however I like at the completion of the goals

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Amelia-isms and Parenting

"I hate this song. It makes my hair crazy!!"

"I am soaking wet, and need to take a bath. And I need company."

"OOh, yum! This lollypop tastes just like medicine!" (it was grape)

"But dirt makes me dirty."

"But I am not thirsty for water. I'm thirsty for COKE!"

"Why is my hair fat?" (it was all fluffy from being toweled dry)

"Where did all the trees come from?" (all the leaves had come out while we were on vacation)

"PLEASE don't wash my hair! I NEED it to turn green so it will match my eyes!! And SPRINKLES [sparkles], I need them everywhere!!" (When I threatened that her hair would turn green if I didn't wash it after swimming in the chlorinated pool!)

My little chatterbox is a spiritual test. Amelia talks CONSTANTLY!!! From the time she gets up to the time she fall asleep. She never stops. I've even heard her talking in her sleep. It is exhausting for me. There are some days I go to the bathroom just to take a break. I even turn on the fan so she can't talk to me through the door, which she does all the time. And I don't like the fan, it's loud and can be stressful in its own right.

I was reading a friend's blog ( and was struck with the truth of her post. That children are the achilles heel of mothers. The MOST effective attack on a mother is through her children, physically and spiritually.

I find myself wondering how much of parenting is a spiritual exercise for our hearts. I mean wholistically. Obviously, it should be prayed over, and it is burden/responsibility not to be taken lightly. On a total scale, it may be this single most spiritual part of our lives. I'd never looked at it from this perspective. It is such a huge thought, that I am struggling with the gargantuan-ness of it. It really is staggering!

I have always appreciated the symbolism of the God the Father and his children (us). I've been thankful for the love and passion that this relationship evidences. But that our relationship continously echoes that which we have with God, the good , the bad, and the ugly...and that we can be attacked through parenthood (or lack thereof), really is mind-blowing. That we should be coming to him for refreshment and wisdom constantly has always been something I am aware of...and that we should be models of Christ for our kids (again, overwhelming, but aware)....and all the positives...BUT that we are continuously tested and makes me more prayerful about my "job" as a mother.

It makes their whining, hitting, begging, irresponsibility, forgetfulness, stresses, lack of self-control, temper-tantrums, stealing, mess-making, and even constant talking take on a whole 'nother component, doesn't it? The emotional and physical exhaustion, may not be just may be wear us down, make us crazy, and short-tempered...and sinful, not the Christ-like examples we should be. Wow. Satan is awful sneaky...not always the big stuff. Sometimes the tiniest stream erodes the greatest canyon.

I guess I am floundering for the words to say such a BIG thought, but figured that maybe you'd "get" it and help me out! :) At the very least, there is some tiny stuff to be praying big about! For me anyway.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Diapers in the Summer

You all know how I feel about cloth diapers! I love 'em! Now is a chance to tell you how very much I love them in the summer!

When I was using disposables on my older kids, I always felt badly about how hot their little tushies must be in the heat of the very, VERY not breatheable they are! Now, in their very fluffy glory, I have yet more reasons to love cloth. They breathe! They come in such beautiful colors! You get to see their pretty, fat little legs as they kick or charge throughout the summer!

One of my favorite things about cloth diapers in the summer is the diaper clothesline!!! They are like little flags making you take time and notice how quickly your children are growing! Diaper laundry makes you take just a little longer and the sun lures you an earlier when life didn't rush by. Watching my daughter toddle around in her puffy diapers reminds me of the pictures I've seen at my parents' house of me and my brother...and reminds me to remember my own childhood. In the thought-provoking moments of pinning out my diapers, I reflect on many of my childhood moments that I have forgotten...the smell if dirt, the flowers, the bees buzzing, the familiar songs of birds...I have called to thank my mother for my happy childhood, on numerous occasions that were brought on by the extra 15 minutes that I don't take if I am trashing the "sposies".

When I take the time to remember what was important to me when I was little, I am a more aware mother. I realize that the moments treasured, are not able to be purchased at the store...although the shovels or sprinklers are...that the dirt that this generation seems to fear for its unsanitary properties is life-giving on so very many levels...

So, don't forget to take a minute, and remember...and listen...summer is very loud and full of joy! Especially when you chase a fluffy-bottomed, giggling toddler! :)

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter!!!

"And the angel said to the women, ' Do not be afraid, for I know that you are looking for Jesus, who was crucified. He is not here; he has risen, just as he said.'" Matthew 28:5-6a