Monday, March 22, 2010


I am going to save you my political rant this morning in favor of reminding you and myself:

God is in control. Nothing can separate us from him. No matter what.


  1. i, too, tried to stifle myself when it came to my views on healthcare. i did not do as well as you. but, i'll keep on praying. God had a reason to let this happen... and I'm hoping the american church will be energized to make some change.

  2. Wise words, Tiffany -and that's the ray of hope,huh, Jaime! I think for too long, we've been complacent in thinking God has smiled on America . . . that we are special. . . that America offers the "good life." While all true, we have exchanged the Substance for mere symbols. We've exchanged the Giver for His gifts. Maybe without all the "goodies" - we'll hang closer to The Source! That's what I'm hanging onto in the midst of my grieving. . .