Thursday, February 4, 2010

Valentine's Day

My whole life...ok....My whole adult (ish) life I've never understood those people who "hate" Valentine's Day. What is there not to like??? You tell those who you love how special they are. Period. How does this make a day where people get shrewish and hateful?

As my life has progressed, I've asked and heard some reasoning...most of it can be put into a nutshell. It has been a romantically based. It isn't Valentine's Day if you don't have a sweetheart. And furthermore, if it is not the most romantic and thoughtful and sweet day of the whole year, then even if you have a sweetheart, it is a failure.

Thankfully, as I was growing up, Valentine's Day was kinda my dad's thing. Almost all the other holidays were my mom's push for traditions, (which were fantastic) but Valentine's was when my dad was the king of the day. He would bring my mom roses, 3. One yellow one for his love for her. One pink one, for me. And a deep red rosebud, for my brother. He would make sweet handmade cards for us all and get tiny ceremonial presents (I got little pom-pom animals). He would make up adorable rhymes to make romantic the practical items my mother asked for. I best remember the poem he wrote for a vaccume that my mother insisted that she needed...something about "sweeping her off her feet". Cheesy, I know, but he totally meant it.

So. When Valentine's after Valentine's went by without me having a sweetheart, I didn't know to feel sorry for myself. It was something I wanted, mind you, but it wasn't the be all and end all of Valentine's Day. The be all was making sure my family and friends knew I loved them and I was thankful for them...It was like the Thanksgiving Day of People in My Life.

So when we (my sweetheart, Ethan, and I) end up not going out on Valentine's Day (sometimes it happens on the day, but let's face it, it's real life and things happen), but 3 days later or 4 days before...or he gets me flowers that are a waste of money...or I find my Valentine's Day card in his car floor board 5 months later, it's annoying, but okay...because the words are said over Ramen or homemade steak or take-out...and my kids get tiny gifts and are told how special they are. What is important is the time out to make sure that "I love you" is said, On Purpose. And I still do. So there.

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  1. Tiffany was, and still is, blessed with a wonderful father! His thoughtfulness and love-of-life enriches our lives in beautiful ways! We all have been blessed to share this life-journey together. . . It makes my heart happy to know that our kids saw the gifts of their daddy, and knew they were being blessed! And now, they delight in passing those gifts on to the their children.

    The Cycle of Life - we pray that God, in all His rich grace, makes of it a thing of beauty!