Monday, February 8, 2010

strep and "bathrooms"

Today we went to the pediatrician. Again. Elise started running a fever on Saturday AFTER Ethan's folks arrived from 2 hours north. She randomly does this...usually it resolves itself fairly quickly, with no real explanation.

Of course, this time she runs the fever through today. Last night she tells me that her ear hurts. And her tongue. And her wrists and feet. SO! I had concluded that she had maybe an ear infection, and maybe body aches...and maybe a sore throat.

Elise has never been able to tell me what was wrong before. It is usually a guessing game much like Charades. Even with her descriptions (which for her was much like a soliloquy), it wasn't much better.

Well, she has strep. We have NEVER had strep. Not me, not any of my kids, not my husband, not my parents or brother! NOBODY! So imagine my shock today that she tested positive...and now I have another germ to be paranoid of...but I never realized that strep involved sore feet!!

Now, I tell you this to explain why we spent several hours in the pediatrician's office...5 minutes after you get there, they are asking for snacks. 10 minutes after arrival, they are asking to go to the bathroom. And so we go...and again...and again...because what says fun, like a public bathroom where lots of sick people hang out? After our 4th trip to the bathroom in 20 minutes, Amelia looks at me and says "This is not a bathroom. This is NOT a bathroom!" I respond with as much interested as I can arouse, "Why do you say that Mimi?" "Because it is not a bathroom! It has no bath!!! NO BATHTUB! AND YOU CAN'T TAKE A BATH IN THE SINK!!" Well, you certainly can't argue with that! :)

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  1. She's my girl - always thinking "out-side-the-box!" Got love those "higher-order" thinking skills in a 3-yr old!